55 or older?


lol lol lol just wait till it’s your turn dude! I’m 63 and been playing video games since you were a sparkle in your fathers eye!


He’ll wait in the starting zones and yell at youngun’s that log in.


You really are blessed and I’m glad to know you’re still out there Wow-ing it up. My dad’s 72 today and dementia has taken so much from him. The sadness I feel for him increases my happiness for you :slight_smile:

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I’ll join you!


Go check out the Guild thread and look for Horde Tough. That’s the name of the guild that’s forming and all the info is there.

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Anyone up for an Alliance guild on Myzrael?


Thank you kodex for the bump.


My Fam and I sit out in the garage almost nightly to watch the neighborhood. We call it “rednecking”. add me to Guild invite please RoadKing2016#1435


This thread has been the best thread, its awesome to see all these people coming together. For those who are looking for a good horde guild of older folks over on Myzrael, you wont find any better than Horde Tough, the guild started from this thread. Everyone there is super nice and really welcoming. Those in charge, like Vadeem up there are informative and are working hard to give everyone who shows up an awesome home. Its a fun place so checkbit out, you wont regret one second of it! To find the guild post, go on over to the Classic guild thread and search Horde Tough.


We have plenty of Silver Foxes and Glistening Vixens in our guild on Whitemane, if you are interested in joining, here’s the link below.


A couple of years before the Senior Discount age I was at a restaurant’s cashier when she said “that will be 1 senior?”. Offended at the image of me as an ‘old person’ I indignantly said “I’m not a senior”.

A couple of years later the cashier rang me up at the regular price. I suddenly realized I liked the money more than the image and forcefully said “I’m a senior!”. :slight_smile:


Hahaha. Exactly.

Give me my cheaper coffee thank you very much!


So I’m rigging out to play Classic Warcraft. My old computer chair was a back breaker so I ordered a bucket seat for a car and built a roller carriage to mount it on. Then I decided that reaching to the desk was too much trouble so I built new arms for it, just the proper height to allow my elbows to rest on them, the other end of both armrests fans out into a paddle big enough for the mouse on the right and the Nostromo on the left and the inside of each paddle has magnetic grapples to latch onto and hold my keyboard. Then I decided that leaning forward to look at the monitor was too much work, so I went and bought me a big screen TV and hung it on the wall and I think I’m all rigged out for this. Now I find myself looking at level 1 Leoncito with my mouse hovering over the Enter World button and watching the “Hours until launch” timer.

Kind of wish I could transfer old Leoncito back to the Classic server, drop his level to one and start all over. He and I have been through death and life together. Sometimes many times within a few minutes. Taunting Horde outside Orgrimmar, went to mount up and run, hit the wrong button and mounted the slow horse and before I could scream “Come on little buddy, get them little legs a morning!” there were a dozen Horde on me and apparently none of them the sporting type! Must have died half a dozen times getting out of there.

Classic Warcraft sure brings back memories, makes me think of my dear departed wife. She isn’t dead, just departed, up and left one day right in the middle of a BlackRock Depths run as I recall, never did figure out what was wrong with her?

Yep, sure am looking forward to this…


anyone else here going to be on Mankrik horde side?


59 years OLD. I can’t stand it when people say I’m 59 years young. I’m friggin old and I accept that.


you and me both. it irks me when someone says they’re such and such years young


56 here… and already practicing GET OFF MY LAWN U young whipper snapper voice.


I felt OLD at 59, as well. Major lifestyle changes and today at 65 years YOUNG, I feel and look way better than I did at 50. To each their own. :smiley:


Whats wrong with playing video games? Should we pack up and go live where no one over 35 ever sees us agan?

Normally i would have said reference logan’s run. Lol


Well, when you’ve lived the life we have old is an accomplishment. Of the friends of my youth three have as of yet not fallen to dust. I’ve been blown up twice, shot at many times, stabbed once and threatened with a flat chicken. I’ve been around the world seven times, lived on five continents been through two wars, a revolution and an insurrection.

When you’ve done as much you can complain about people being happy to still be alive too, till then you’re just demonstrating ignorance. Don’t get me wrong boy, I’m not upset with you and I bear you no I’ll will, I simply know that in your youth you think yourself wise and with my old eyes I see you for what you are.