5/10M Warr 251/ Hunter 250 LF afternoon guild

Old family guy looking for a guild.
I ain’t No emo, no drama guy. Very respectful to everybody.

Have been playing this game for 15 years, and probably will do all my life.

2390 raider io at the moment and 10/10H and 5M down just on pugs with both Warrior and Hunter.

Last season Completed heroic raid and did some mythic bosses all in pugs since I can’t raid in any guild due to my timetable but I’m getting tired of that, I would like to be part of a guild and do things with fellas and not just be there.

I’m able to raid from
2st until 10st(top) East Monday to Thursday.

For the Horde! no offense Allies.

Brigante #2516 Discord
Brigante #1649 game

Most people have no idea what your server time is. Better to use a time.zone like est