500 mount achievement finally

Finally after 4 years and 2 expansions a new achievement for 500 mounts… However, that model… A Yeti… Also 4 years for a new achievement, Collectors need goals and providing a new achievement that’ll be just awarded once it’s introduced :confused:

If we keep getting just recolor unused, Devs should add already 600-700 achievements…

Edit: During an interview with MrGm, Ion mentioned that new achievements aren’t introduced frequently due to promotional and removed mounts, the limited time mounts, tcg…etc

How can we get new achievements and player invest on mount collecting with that bad pilosophy? Devs should do achievements based on the amount of mounts available which is a lot… Just BFA/SL introduced like 250+ mounts


Boring, ugly reskin. Couldn’t have made a worse mount for the 500 achievement.


Needs changing to count all mounts on account. And then add more achievements beyond 500


Devs should do an unique mount even if it use a previous skelleton but not just a recolor… We already have a Yeti from Islands and another from xmas…


Yeah, this is disappointing. It’s something, I guess. But in an expansion all about dragons, getting a WoD ground mount model feels bad. Like. Real bad.


seriously? for 500 we get a yeti. i hoope this is a placeholder for a secret mount of preem choice.


It shouldn’t be related to the new expansion but something cool

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That is pretty disappointing.

On the other hand, I do love Mister Muskoxeles.

This in a dragon themed expansion? :face_vomiting:

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The achievement for a x amount of mounts shouldn’t be related to an expansion but that recolor :nauseated_face:



I mean, thanks for the achievement that I’ll get when I login, but uh…I think the Yeti is one of the least-liked mounts out there.



Getting a ground mount for this achievement makes me feel uneasy about the future of normal flying in WoW. I’m probably being paranoid, but I feel like my flying mounts are going to be collecting dust for a long long time if I wanna play 10.0 and beyond.

Whoa just saw that pet achievement, how many new pets is DF adding???


It doesn’t have to be, but if they are trying to hype it isn’t a bad idea. As for a recolored yeti, I don’t care what color it is. Yetis are boring. The blue infernal is something that POPS. This is just another brown ape. Some sort of undead horse recolor would have been more unique.


True, collectors should have an unique mount to show off and inspire others to collect…


Yet another recolor? Looks kinda boring to be honest :yawning_face:

Over on the wowhead comment section folks are not happy with it’s underwhelming-ness :laughing:


The previous one was grounded too, I wouldn’t say it means anything necessarily.

We’ll all be riding our dragons for most of the expansion won’t we? (at least out in the world)

most boring, overly sized, non flying reskin mount they could have chosen :frowning:
and only one achievment for mounts? sigh.


A reskinned yeti…woooooooow lame. Xmas version looks way better.

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Yeti is a pretty crap choice

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