4th week in a row where my title doesnt update. Cmon bruh

every single week since i started ranking again i havent got my title til like 6 pm+ eastern. can you take this horrendous pvp grind you made a little more serious?

Yup, people will complain about anything.


unknown wanna be vurtne trying to act cool

Blizzard updates ranks one by one using a complex algorithm which takes into account server clout, wclogs profile views, number of upvotes on forums, and kill death ratio

keep at it, private Hoodie. you’ll make it someday!

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Settle down Karen and wait your turn.


You like generalizing people on these forums don’t you?


Absolutely nothing to see here, just the typical Tuesday post

lol… yea. complex… "private… lol…

This one is somewhat less cringe than your thread on the same topic from last week.

absolutely nothing to see here… just an alt scared to post from their main because they know they look dumb posting #NOCHANGES about a fundamentally flawed game on everything while the game is constantly being changed for the better lmao

That’s what happens if you are still playing when the day rolls over on reset day. Log off earlier on monday and it wont happen.

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Mine hasn’t updated earlier then like 3-5p.m. since the honor system launched.

that isnt whats going on.

Lmfao except they put out a blue post explaining why this takes so long, and this topic is repeated literally every Tuesday morning to the point that it could hve it’s own forum thread…

So yeah posting on my twink or my main or my alt 60 or w.e. Classic toon I want won’t change the fact that you are just impatient and this happens every Tuesday.

Just buy your gear tonight and keep running your premade you ranker. No rest for you

hey, how about post from ur main, or just admit you have nothing better to do than be a karen to people who want dumb things fixed. like spell batching or this. just be quiet, all of our lives are meaningless. and this isnt finding meaning. go take up wood working or something.

You’re also eastern, and the titles start updating like 11ish? PST and take several hours. If you’re logged in when your character’s update hits, it delays your update. So stay logged out.

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Blizzard is a million dollar company, when they say that process for calculations is complex, I’m more inclined to believe them over someone on the forums.

stay logged out
farm a ton of honor to get ur bracket u need during the week

You literally have no idea how this system works by now? What are we like 8 months into classic?

Dude you are a troll

the system? i was rank 11 the first week possible. and im literally doing again, im very fluent in the pvp system.

why dont u post from ur main so we can see how fluent u are?