4pc MW set

Yes. It’s early. But hear me out.

Am I the only one that’s aggravated by the fact that we have to stand in a spot for X amount of time in order to benefit from the healing increase? Just give us the freedom to move with the healing increase. Yeah it’ll be boring but it’s better then standing still.

This directly stems from NF soulbind (field of blossoms) which is terrible. Does it require set up? Yes. But Standing in a spot to gain an enhanced ability is bad design.


Let’s force the high-mobility healer to stand still, yes. :brain: :brain:


I find the whole thing just underwhelming. Yay, EF’s sad little dot lasts a little longer and then you have to stand in one place to get a small healing bonus. Compared to other classes, I feel like there was zero thought put into MW.


I feel you guys, and also the brew 4-piece is double duration on a buff that always has 100% uptime. It’s literally nothing. We dont get a 4 piece bonus.

I am praying to RNGsus that these are just placeholders for text, because the person who designed these Does Not Play A Monk.

From my understanding the radius is actually pretty nice and you have a fair bit of freedom.
I’ve done some log analysis (position and time based filtering) on healing/cast events etc etc and from what I can tell is its gonna be not an issue at all.

The way the numbers are turning out its a good sized HPS increase. My only fear is the fact its a RAW flat amount meaning it has NO scaling what so ever. This mean as we progress in the tier the WORSE the tierset becomes. This is an easy fix though was they could easily just swap a flat amount with a flat spell power amount (lets say 25% as that would give us rough the same power right now as the buff tooltip says 450 additional and currently 25% sp would be about 500)

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this ^^^^ overall the MW Tier set is underwhelming…

I’m just annoyed that while the other set effects at least try to synergise, the mw ones are just… flat.
These might be numerically useful, but mechanically they don’t really have that spark that goes into ‘final raid tier’ stuff.

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It’s obvious no one on the dev team plays any Monk specs at all. Adding 2 seconds to a HoT that we can already have 100% uptime on is evidence of that.

It’s sad and frustrating to play a class that Blizzard has no ideas for Legendaries, Conduits, Covenant abilities and Set Bonuses in an expansion based around Legendaries, Conduits, Covenant abilities and Set Bonuses.

Really feels like Blizzard have just given up on Mistweavers all together. Thank God Venthyr lego is powerful (albiet boring 1 button press and forget). It’s a real shame that Blizzard have not been able to come up with a single interesting Lego/Set Bonus/Conduit for MW all expansion.

Other healers get Ashen Hallow and Convoke and MW gets to stomp the ground as NF every now and then that does no real damage, no real healing and doesn’t change gameplay at all except for driving them OOM faster than anything else they could be doing. Or gets to press a CD that plays the game for them every 1-3 minutes. Wow. Compelling gameplay on a class that is already so deep. /s


I think I’ll run venthry and ATotM so 2 more second of EF is 36(?) more chances to proc a crit.

If the radius turns out to be pretty large giving us the freedom to dodge mechanics or position better without really worrying about 10 second positioning from that point in time, I’ll be a little happier. But I will agree that the scaling must improve and actually be worth using at all levels of game play.

What I was hoping for was some kind of nice DR in our 4 piece that would eventually roll into our kit in the next Xpac (if that happens. Let’s be honest).

I feel like healers in general are getting shafted with the tier sets. Tank/dps 4pc are way better than all healer ones.

I’m hoping that the early aim is to balance the DPS first, then do a second round and balance the healing around it. Maybe. PrayEmoji.

There seems to be a lot of speculation… we will not really know until these set bonuses go live and we have a chance to play around with them. My major issue is that from a distance, I am not enthusiastic about what I am seeing. It seems to be bland, and against a major playstyle in regards to “fistweaving”. Perhaps the area we “stand” in will be large enough that it gives us some wiggle room. I mean it could be worse… it could be something that we have to throw on the ground, then hope those that we play with will stand in it… Sorry Shamans… I know your pain.