4.95k Warlock looking for permanent home until end of Wrath and beyond!

I took a break during the beginning of Ulduar to clear up work schedule and I am now able to resume regular raiding days. I would of gone back to old guild but they filled my spot and I was given the okay to look at other 25mans for this lock. I am looking for a group that wants to go throughout the rest of Wrath with and Cata if that happens. I’ve only done 2 run throughs of ulduar but I will post my Phase 1 logs to give an idea of where I was at when playing full time. Thank you for your time :).



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Hey I am Tingtang from Tunnel Snakes on Whitemane (H). We raid Tu/Th 5-8ST and would love to add another lock to the team (Currently have 3, but can you really have enough?). We are currently 7/9HM progressing on 25m and just looking to fortify the roster for current and future content, despite recruiting and thinking we are full we always seem to be missing 1-2 raiders each week. Just looking for consistent pumpers who like to have fun. If you are interested hit me up on bnet bigzz#11745.

Good Morning Janggal,

I am Akeria from the guild Mouse Rat on Mankrik (H). We are currently looking to fill out our raid roster with a consistent 25 and are looking for an Affliction Lock.

We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 8:30-11:30pm EST. Currently we are 13/14 HM prog on Alg 25m & 10m’s 14/14 HM.

In raids we prefer a relaxed atmosphere where players can be loose and have fun while maintaining focus and accomplishing our collective goals which is to clear content and ultimately have a good time doing it. If you are interested in finding out out more feel free to message me on discord at Nkiria#8341

Hi! We are an alliance guild on Atiesh. We are a dad-core type guild that is progressive but not hard-core about it. We are 13/14 in Ulduar and beginning hardmodes this week. We also have alt 10 man runs and 10 man hardmode groups (13/14, 7/9 HM) that are starting Algalon. We could use a few DPS to round out the roster. Rotation does occur occasionally but we usually have plenty of volunteers that need a night off. We like to run a roster of 28-30 to allow for nights off when needed. We are mostly parents and professionals so real life happens sometimes :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions Spankmeplzz#5638 on discord :slight_smile:

Hey! while we haven’t really pushed a ton of 25m content, we did clear all Normal bosses. You could check us out. We are looking to rebuild for 25m to get HMs done, currently doing 10M Hms.

Mankrik - [Grievance] Rebuilding to form a new 25 man team WoW Classic New Guild Listings

Yo, Community Service is recruiting Wed/Thurs 8:30p-12a eastern. We’re 9/9H 14/14 25 man 53/54!!! hit me up Tommyj#11344


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guild is open to working with you to get your character involved in raiding. Our raid times are THURS 8-11pm server, SUN 8-12pm server. We have all HM 9/9 + 25man Alg on farm. We do weekend 10mans on fri/sat. We do loot council for weapons and trinkets. DKP for other gear pieces. The guild provides feasts, guild repairs, enchant mats, gems, etc. Please reach out to me if you have questions, discord message me – DB#4537.


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Bane on Mankrik is looking for a lock, but we raid 8-1130 EST Tues/Thurs.

[Saved] - horde guild on whitemane is recruiting a serious lock. raid W/TH 630-10 ST - can message me. 50/50 chest H TOGC and 54/54 in P2

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Hey there! My raid team is looking for a lock. We are on Mankrik. Here is my bnet if you wanna chat. KillerBee#12808

To Be Faire on Whitemane is looking for an aff warlock to fill out our roster. Our WCL is public, hmu if interested. Tues/Thurs 6:30-10:00 (not hitting Thurs at the moment, but will be when ICC drops). We’re also still farming Uld.
We’re 5/5 H 49/50 25M and 5/5 50/50 on both our 10Ms.