478 Hpal lf late late night mythic raiding guild PST

Hello Snaggin here looking for a permanent home from now til Shadowlands. I am currently 8/12m Nyalotha. My off days are Monday and Tuesday but i work 12pm-12am CST and looking for a late night pst mythic raiding guild. Before i quit wow i was a mythic raider on my lock and DH but when i came back to the game i picked up Hpal because the friends i was with we planned on playing together. Unfortunately my job needs me for 12hr days. If you have anymore questions concerns you can drop a comment or add my Bnet.

Thank you…

Elevated - Hyjal

Raid times :

  • Heroic (Tues 6:30-8:30pm server time PST)
  • Mythic (Wed - 6:30-8:30pm Sat 7:00-9:00pm PST)

Current needs:

  • Range (Mage, warlock, hunter, spriest)
  • Heals (HPal, Priest)
  • Will also consider any player who is exceptional

Raider requirements:

  • Overall progression of knowledge at a reasonable pace
  • Mature, be able to handle constructive criticism
  • Discord (be able to listen at the least)
  • Preparedness (Repair, flasks, food, healing pots, prepots)

About us:
We’re a chill group of people, who are looking into some serious progression into mythic. We currently made it to 4/12M and plan on pushing further. We have lots of fun outside of raiding such as pvp (RGB’s every sunday), mythic + content, and whatever else you might be into. Extremely helpful to anyone with a positive attitude and looking to be part of our group. Light banter is par for the course on guild chat and discord, so don’t be easily offended.

Message : Abazaba#1420 for more info!

still looking

hey man we are 8/12m on Thrall We raid 12-3 EST on friday and saturday if you are interested in trialing?

About us: Formed January 25th, Goon Squad is a group of highly motivated Mythic raiders who pride themselves in creating a positive yet competitive atmosphere to raid in. Although we are a fairly new guild, we have made quick and consistent progress because of our ability to put the raid in the best position for success each night. We will never compromise the success or positive atmosphere of the raid group to cater to even the most exceptional players. Goon Squad isn’t a one tier stop; we are a group of gamers who strive to create a Cutting Edge space where you can log in and always have a friend to run with.

Schedule: 9-12pm Pacific Wednesdays & Thursdays

If GS sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out our quick 2 minute application at:
discord. gg/9RR5mwc

Feel free to add me on btag if you have any questions! Reagan#11656

hey bud… i wouldnt get home til about 11:20 since i have to drive an hr home from work… would 20mins be a problem?

Maybe we can help you

< Gruuls Gone Wild > < H > 3/12M - Zul’jin

Please fill out our application: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7 so we can contact you!

Fill free to join our Discord: discord.gg/vNemtpt

We are a 3/12 Mythic Ny’alotha progression guild. Currently, we are looking to fill our guild roster. We are looking for dedicated raiders who are performing well and understand their class. While performance is important, synergy is also one of the main attributes we are looking for.

Goals: Mythic Ny’alotha Progression / Multiple mythic plus groups pushing 15 and above keys / Cutting Edge in BFA and Shadowlands.

Planning Ahead:

Our raid team is planning on pushing Mythic Ny’alotha progression for Cutting Edge for the remainder of the raid tier until Shadowlands. In Shadowlands, we intend to achieve Cutting Edge for each raid tier and grow our community of players.

We would like to form a mythic plus community, along with groups to run rated PvP battleground and arenas.

Progression Raid Times:

Wednesday / Thursday / Monday | 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST

The group will begin forming 30 minutes before raid time, and an attendance photo will be taken each week 15 minutes before raid time.

The days and times are subject to change for each tier depending on the schedule of the team for that time of year.

Recruitment and Trial Raiders:

Gruul’s Gone Wild is focused on progression through the Mythic raid tier. This means that the 20 best and most reliable players / classes for each boss throughout the raid. We are looking for players who are reliable and willing to contribute to the raid each week.

We do not have damage (DPS) or healing (HPS) cut offs; however, high performance reliability is valued while still performing mechanics properly.

If you can play multiple classes / roles, it will be highly valuable to us. While not required, we do expect that mythic progression raiders should have at least one alt geared to enter the raid team if needed.

Guild Information:

We are a new Horde guild, switching recently from Alliance for more quality raiding individuals to push to achieve Cutting Edge every tier throughout Shadowlands. While raiding is the main focus, we have a mythic plus team for pushing high level keys and looking to form more!

Also, we welcome all types of WoW players. We want to start doing movie nights, achievement/mount/mog runs, and so much more that WoW has to offer other than raiding. While raiding will be our main focus, we still want to build a community of players who enjoy having fun while still being competitive and serious at times.

Again, our application link: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7

Discord link: discord.gg/vNemtpt

Officer Contacts:

Pyrowarrior | TheOnlyPyro#11414

Rakius | Rakius#1533

Flameasious | CorporalDrew#1704

Zadhunt | Zadius#1612

Still looking and just to clarify i live CST and looking for a late PST raiding guild…

still looking…

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still looking

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still looking

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