478 DK LF Casual Mythic Prog Guild on Proudmoore (US)

Frost/Blood DK LF a casual mythic progression guild, preferably on Proudmoore (US). I main frost but am not opposed to occasional OT’ing. Both frost and blood specs are geared, 478 equipped. My current progression is 4/12M but also includes significant time spent on Hivemind, with multiple sub-5% wipes.
I prefer evening (PST) raid times but am flexible, willing to compromise on start times for a good group. Really not looking for hardcore schedule anymore so preference to 2-3 nights/week and 4hrs (or less) per run.
I’ve been raiding heroic/mythic content since WotLK and a few things that have remained consistent in my approach:

-Always punctual w/ close to 100% raid attendance (100% attendance through last 2 tiers for example)
-Both main and off-specs will be geared to raiding standards
-I spend a significant amount of non-raid time optimizing for raid environment (my neck is 525ilvl/heart level 96, more than 30K echo investment in corruptions, 4 purchased sockets etc…)
-Always prepared, both in respect to consumables and due diligence on raid mechanics

I am looking for a competent yet casual mythic prog team who realizes that non-CE progression should be a relatively low stress, non-elitist environment where blue/purple-parsing players are not benched in favor of FOTM specs or RL favoritism.

Thanks for reading this and plz feel free to contact me in-game (Tykem#1212) with any questions : )

Hey Bella,

We had 2% wipe on shad last night, with 4 PUGS just need a few more core DPS. Leaders are 10/12M.

H] Zul’jin < Forgotten Winter > Tues / Wed /Thur 8:00PM - 10:00pm Est

Server: Zul’Jin Faction: Horde

We are currently looking for dedicated players to join and rebuild our raiding guild/team. Our guild has members that have been together for over 10 years and our goal is to build a community within the guild where our members can feel at home and know everyone that is in our guild. We are a group of people that enjoy playing the game with each other and focus on the current raiding content. We have a laid-back raid environment while also making sure we are focusing on taking down bosses. We also enjoy pushing mythic+ keys and want to include everyone that comes into our guild, regardless of what the content is.

Our current plan is to rebuild as fast as we can and get everyone their AoTC and Mythic Kills, most of us have our AoTC achievement and Mythic kills. We plan on being a Heroic / Mythic raiding guild, that also pushes Mythic + and PVP as well.

Raid Times are set for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ( 12/12 H , ) (3/12M)
We accomplished this in 4 hours of raid on the first week (Guild created 2 weeks ago) [June 1st]

-8:00PM - 10:00PM EST


  • Currently looking for:
  • DPS Melee: Rogue, Warrior, Monk, Dk
  • DPS Ranged: Warlock, Mage
  • Healer: Priest, Monk, Druid
  • All DPS and healers are welcome, whether experienced or just willing to learn and push their character

If you are interested in our guild please contact us either by Btag or Discord





We look forward to talking

Hey Bella, If you can make our raid times, maybe we could be an option for you. We are a late night raiding guild on your current server, Proudmoore. Please check us out, you can learn more about us in the link provided: [A] 10/12M 8-11pm PST 3Day 12 year guild LF DPS/Heals

Hey Bella,

A few things.

  1. We’re not on Proudmoore
  2. We are a relatively new guild

So why am I pinging you? The guild was formed by WoW vets and we actively decided to take a step back in personal progression this raid tier to create an active community of raiders and M+ runners. We seem to have succeeded in that regard. While quite a few members have also cleared heroic and downed some bosses in Mythic, we have also welcome a lot of returning players into the guild.

To that affect, we just started to re-progress Nyalotha as <Sèrendipity> Alliance on Dalaran to begin sorting our our raid core for Shadowlands.

As a guild we will be helping folks achieve Keymaster and pushing high keys. We will also be AOTC each raid tier while also pushing into Mythic, but likely not cutting edge.

We raid T/TH 7:30-9:30pm PST. I think we would be a good long term fit. Let me know if interested. Our recruitment post is below along with out contact information for myself, and our GM, Bender.

Bender#1870 - Bnet
Bender#1504 - Discord
Redonk56#1461 - Bnet
Redonkulous#0245 - Discord