477 Resto Shaman 4/12M LFG

Hi Kryantis,

My name is Soulless, and my guild “Professional Baddies” is currently looking for a Resto Shaman to help bolster our Mythic Roster! We’re currently 3/12 M Ny’alotha and are progressing on Shad’har tonight. (30% wipe on 9th attempt) Our raid times are Sat/Sun 7:00pm-10:00pm Pacific Standard Time. My Battle Tag is Soulless#12262 If this seems like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to add me and we can discuss further! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Link to our recruitment forum!

Hey! we are 3/12M and just lost our resto shaman. Would love to chat can offer an immediate spot. We raid tuesday 830-1030pm est and friday 930pm-1230am est. Hit me up at cran#1145 if you wanna chat more.

Hello Kryantis!

Who is John Galt is a horde guild on the Server Hyjal. We currently raid Tue/Thur from 10:30-1:30am EST (I know 30 minutes over your time frame, but still wanted to reach out) Our current progression is 5/12M with 40% on Xanesh on one night. We also doing heroic alt/optional nights on Sunday at the same time as main raid nights. We are looking to strengthen our healing core for further bosses in the tier. I’d love to get some more information from you! Feel free to contact me on bnet @ Delgalo#1485 or on Discord @ Delgalo#9742. Hope to hear from you!!


Guild: hello team

Faction: Horde

Server: US-Crushridge

Current Prog: 6/12 M

Raid Times: Thurs/Fri 6:00-9:00PM Pacific

About us:
hello team is a young Cutting Edge guild that aims to strike a balance between strong and steady progression without high level time demands. The guild is built on dedicated leadership along with a fantastic community that interact outside of raid on a regular basis.

Flex DPS/Healer


Discord: Menkt#2514

BNet: Menkt#1830

Hello - Fallen Empire (Horde, Mal’ganis) raids Tues/Wed 9-12PM EST. Just transferred to Mal’ganis and started mythic progression this week, currently 3/12M with pulls on hivemind.

We’re a formerly CE guild from Thunderhorn that also lost to the roster boss (hence why we’re now on Mal’ganis). We’ve got enough for mythic but I’m looking to round out the roster. Coronavirus is making gaming easier for some but impossible for others, unfortunately.

For some reason our logs are showing up on warcraft logs as alliance - but I swear it’s us :wink:

Hit me up if you’re interested - Slayna#1159 (bnet) or Dr. Wek#1632 (discord)

Hey, hows it going. We are in need of a Rshaman, and you seem like you might be a good fit. Hit me up in game if you want to talk.

Newly reformed guild made by Cutting Edge raiders. Leadership of guild has been raiding content since the beginning of game, Obtained CE level things before it was CE (Immortal title).

Core of previous guild coming back, just need to fill out ranks to return to raiding. Looking for players who can be efficient, and have fun. We are all too busy to raid a lot, so we must raid well to get CE.

Raid times: Sat/Sun 7-11 pm server time.

Battletag Vycos#1655

We have started to push mythics, and are looking for a few more players who are mythic ready to join the team.

In need of a mage/Shaman/Holy paladin

Hey I have a horde guild that is 4/12 (almost 5/12 .2% on Shad) TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern raid time. LMK if you wanna chat in more detail! BNET: Rawra#1290

- Illidan Horde 3/12Mythic looking for dps and a healer (preferably with a DPS offspec). We are a group of nice, easygoing raiders who get along well and enjoy progressing through current content. This includes cutting edge and pushing Mythic Plus keys. Raid times:

Tuesdsay/Thursday 7:00-10:00PM Server Time (EST); 6hrs a week total

If interested add Fabio#1456. Thank you!

How are Ya, Recruiting for Strife
Little bit about us
Legion Hardcore Raiding guild reformed with most of our players and are going for Cutting Edge.
Currently 3/12M after first week with 5 pugs in.
We Raid Wed/Thurs 9-12EST on Illidan
Doing a Heroic Clear Tuesday if you are interested in coming to see if you like what we have going on.
Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested



Guild Information

Sat 8-12 EST Sun 8-11
We consider ourselves a new and upcoming semi hardcore 2 day a week raiding guild on Area-52. What is semi-hardcore about Big Damage is our high expectations and requirements of raiders and clearing faster or equal to 3 day a week guilds, all the while keeping a 2 day a week schedule. We are absolutely committed to becoming a top US 2 day a week raiding guild in next expansion, that is our goal.

Why only 2 days a week and who it is meant for
The goal is to create a highly efficient and skilled team where we see little downtime, and equal if not more content than a 3 day a week raiding guild.

Organizer and recruitment officer:
Bnet: Rumpa#1525

Discord: Rumpa#5974

Bnet: kingsh7t#1906
Discord: Protogonoi#4906

Hi Kryantis!
Entropi is looking for an experienced, team-oriented shaman for our team! We should have M Shad’har tonight. :smiley: I’ve added our info below, and if you see a fit, pls feel free to contact us!


<Entropi> - [H] Zul’jin

Faction: HORDE

  • 3/12 M, 12/12H Ny’alotha (recently returned to BfA), starting Mythic raids
  • Several CE achievements throughout the Xpacs, Cleared Vanilla Naxx 40, 4 Atieshes in retail
  • Retail Raid Schedule: Sun/Mon 9:30pm-12am EST
  • Ranged DPS (Priest, Mages, Lock, Hunter), Healer (H Pally/ R Shaman) Tank/DPS, Experienced, team-oriented raiders
  • Classic team option for those interested (1 night/week)

About Us:

“If you are interested in what you do, that keeps you going!” – Stan Lee

For a lot of us, we’ve been interested in WoW since Vanilla. And while we’ve grown older, had families, built professions and obtained degrees, we are still passionate about WoW (yes, even through BFA lol).

We have a 1 night team in Classic and returned for 8.3 and Shadowlands to build new friendships, slay dragons, and conquer mythic content on a short-but-efficient schedule. Our members are mature (21+), working professionals and parents with diverse professional and management backgrounds in areas including Video game development, Comic Books, IT, Software and more. Success through teamwork, communication, analysis, and execution are our primary objectives.

Entropi was previously ranked US 86th (T16) on Zul’jin, and obtained All-Star Team US 3rd (Warcraftlogs Execution Ranking). Our raiders have core experience in various top 100 US teams.

www. wowprogress. com/guild/us/zul-jin/Entropi/rating.tier16_25

We’re looking for exceptional, reliable, team-oriented players to grow our community and strengthen our raid team.

For more information, pls contact:

Bnet: Kaotica#1271

Discord: Kaotica (Render)#5784

Hey! We are looking to add a full-time healer to our roster.

We are Months Behind on US-Eredar Horde
7/8M Uldir
7/9M BoD
2/2H Crucible
5/8M Eternal Palace
5/12M Ny’alotha
Monday-Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST


Our goal is to clear current mythic content while remaining casual and laid back. We like to joke around and foster a community. Recruiting people who are looking for a “forever home” is a top priority. The guild has been around since 2006 and we don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

Contact Info
Battletag: Rebdull#1533
Discord: Rebdull#9648
Battletag: Jackson#13382
Discord: Hambrick#0289

Hey there! If you’re still looking, Wanted Rejects 6/12M Area 52 might be a good fit. We raid Monday and Tuesday 8-11 server, with optional heroic/alt/grab that hat that won’t drop runs on Sunday, also 8-11. We’re losing one healer to the Coronavirus=changed shift schedule boss. Its a good group of people. Hit me up if interested.

bnet: Dktrfaust#1775

hey there, our invites go out at 745pm EST and we’re typically pulling bosses (by or before) 8pm. If you could play ele and resto, that would be perfect as we typically 3 heal everything and in a few cases 4 heal. would like to see some logs when we chat, if you are interested. general info below

Malicious on area52H is currently seeking a few more players to bolster our ranks and push CE and current content! We are open to any exceptional dps even if your class isn’t currently a high priority for recruitment.

currently, we are 6 Mythic and 12/12 H.

We are active in discord, run a lot of m+, some players do arenas and Rbgs. We are all mature adults. We have a respectful and communicative raid environment. We do invites and pull trash at 745pm and expect to be on the boss by 8 pm EST or sooner.

★ raid Tuesday & thusday 745pm EST to 11pm EST
★ OPTIONAL heroic on weds 745pm est to 11pm

We are currently seeking:
★ 1 ele sham with capable resto os - HIGH PRIORITY
★ 1 mage - HIGH PRIORITY
★ 1 boomkin - HIGH PRIORITY
★ 1 warlock - HIGH PRIORITY

★ 1 RET paladin - HIGH PRIORITY

Being able to flex into other roles with capable Offspec is a bonus and highly encouraged.

Currently 6 Mythic NWC! 12/12H

★ the beginning of a new tier and the end of the tier, we vote to add an extra day to help push CE and AOTC.
★ raid Tuesday & thusday 745pm EST to 11pm EST
★ OPTIONAL heroic on weds 745pm est to 11pm
★ we run a lot of m+
★ there are a few members that do arena and Rbgs

here are some of our standards & expectations:
you must be:
★ HoA: 78+
★ heroic current content (11/12 or AOTC)
★ Prog 3M preferred but must have mythic pulls/logs (even if only wipes)
★ Parse Avg 70-80% or better in Mythic
★ Must be open to constructive criticism, willing to adapt and be flexible.
★ post afk with ample notice (emergencies and some exceptions apply)
★ be ready with consumables and supplies
★ know/be familiar with the fight
★ complete a minimum of 1 M+ at 15 or higher, weekly

you may reach out to us via btag or discord
luna#14515 - recruiter
luna discord: Lunanyte#8544

Chris#111980 - GM/ raid lead
chris discord: Christopher#8411

"Hey Kryantis

Resistance on Hyjal is recruiting!
Friday/Saturday 6:30-10:30pm PST
9:30-1:30 EST

Optionals through the week.
We are also 7/12M
Multiple CE guild
We have a guild application at: https://goo.gl/forms/Qj0jq6Mxy10VudR32
If you have questions you can contact us at:
Discord: Elvera#1963 "

Surrendering IRL [H] Mal’Ganis T/W/Th 9PM - 12AM (10pm - 1am EST) BOD 9/9M CE, EP 7/8M (Azshara P4), Nyathola 6/12M. Bnet: Brongon#1270 or discord Brongon#4834 if interested. We are able to cover transfers!

About us:
Our goal is to get cutting edge for every raid tier with only 6 progression raid hours. We take a calculated but laid back approach to mythic raiding. We place a premium on finding people who can execute their class and fights mechanically while understanding the value of being able to just have fun raiding. We are not a grind it out, senseless chain pull for rng type of guild. Most of our kills are well below the average pull count for first kill. We will take the time to identify and adjust to fix issues during raid.

Who are we looking for:
Consistent players who are looking to clear mythic raids while relaxing and having fun both in and out of raids and the game. Willingness to maximize raid effectiveness and look for ways to constantly improve are crucial to being able to progress at a consistent rate.

When do we raid:
We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday progression nights from 9p-12a CST (server time).

Hi there friend! Were looking for a resto shaman to help finish off our core Mythic roster! Hit us up, would love to chat!!

Transcendent 3/12M 12/12H Newly transfered to Zul’Jin is recruiting to fill out our core roster for Mythic progression in Ny’alotha and forward. We are a Semi-Hardcore progression guild aiming to achieve Cutting Edge by end of tiers.

Raid Times
Tues 10PM - 1AM EST
Weds 10PM - 1AM EST
Thurs 10PM - 1AM EST
We start forming raid at 9:45PM EST and expect EVERYONE to be in raid by 10PM.

Raider Expectations
We expect all our raiders to come into raid with a progression based mindset. To come prepared, this means knowing the fights, being on time and having an understanding of your class/spec.
We supply all our raiders with Flask and Consumables.

Roster Needs
Currently recruiting ALL exceptional HEALERS and DPS!

Contact Us!
Cobains, GM - hamster#11650 ~ BNET, hamsterhiatus#9997 DISCORD
Slandor, RL - BigChungus#1280 ~BNET
Meta, Officer - molo#1476
Bob, Officer - NightKnight#137637

Hello! I’d love to chat with you :slight_smile: We are looking for a healer for mythic progression!

Hey Kryantis!

Morning Brew is looking for a few healers to round out our current roster. We are horde and a morning guild that offers a unique time slot for those interested. If you would like to chat feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Cen#11694
Discord: Cen#5348

[H] Morning Brew 4/12M 12/12H

Raid Times: 9am-12pm EST | >Wed/Thurs/Friday
Optional Monday Alt run 9am-12pm EST

Recruitment Needs
Ranged – Warlock , Mage, SPriest
Melee – Rogue
Healer – Holy Pally , Disc Priest , Holy >Priest, Resto Sham, MW Monk

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