472 Rogue LF Hardcore Raiding

Hey there!
I’m returning to the raiding scene after an absence in BFA.

I’m looking for a guild that is very serious in progression, and improving always. I’m a very competitive person, and would love to get back into serious raiding.

I’ve currently done 12/12H which isn’t a notable achievement by any means. Just haven’t really enjoyed the BFA raid’s, as I’ve been busy in personal life. With that being said, here’s what you can expect with me.

Adaptable - I’m extremely into the game. I’ve played since the beginning, and have previously raided at a top 10 US level during Warlords of Draenor. With that I am also able to play any class as a considerable high level.

Patient - With previous raid experience I understand learning fights, changing strats, and swapping people in and out. My focus is progression, regardless if I am present for kills or not.

Intuitive - I’ve seen a lot of raids, mechanics, and have always played MMO’s for the last 16 years. I’m helpful with adapting raid strategies and applying help, but not overstepping leadership, nor undermining them.

Mature - Let’s be honest, it’s the internet. I don’t want drama in my hobby. I have enough in my life to avoid it in video games.

Hope to hear from someone. Would love to find a raiding guild for serious progression in Shadowlands - Thank you.

Hi Reixy,

I’m surprised no one has responded to this yet. I’m happy to rectify that.

We’re looking for returning players with prior high-level raiding experience who want a somewhat casual raid schedule while utilizing some of the best-practices you might be used to from more serious environments. After reading your post, it’s clear you’re an ideal candidate for us, as you described having both the experience and the personality traits that lead to a productive raiding environment. It’s hard to tell exactly what level of raiding you’re looking to come back to, but I’m gong to proceed under the assumption that not competing for ranks isn’t deal-breaking.

We raid a fairly casual schedule and try to take advantage of our limited hours by coming to raid well prepared and highly organized. As an example, we use PTR testing footage and logs to create strats we’ll use during week 1. There’s an example from Ny’alotha in our recruitment information, and we also already have a guide posted for Hungering Destroyer in Castle Nathria (1 of the 4 bosses tested last week)

Our primary organizational focus is on maintaining a positive and productive raid culture above all else. We’re willing to make short term sacrifices like investing in a player who shows potential and needs some gear and some practice or removing a player who might be highly skilled individually but isn’t on board with playing as a team and keeping the raid culture positive.

If those practices and values speak to you, give us a look and drop us an app if you like what you see, or add me on bnet at Klik#1399

Additionally, if you provide the name of your character and guild from WoD in your app, I might be able to find a connection in my network to get a reference for you. That’s not at all required, but it’s not every day I get the opportunity to take advantage of some of the connections I made back in WoD.

Heya! We are looking for players to round out our roster at the moment !
We are currently 7/12 Mythic and raid Tuesday / Thursday from 830-1130 EST. Our goal is to get CE prior to Shadowlands hitting and need some solid players to help us with our final push. We play on Stormrage Alliance and the guild’s name is Bigly Pumps. If this interests you then you can contact me at Burnsey#1181 to talk further about the guild. Thanks for your time.

hey Reixy we got dps spots available for our main raiding team and are ready to have you join here’s our info

[H] Sanctuary is a large gaming community with a great WoW base. Semi Hardcore raiding progression guild. Only months old but already into Mythic! 3/12m

Raid Times:
Thursday:10p-1a (CST) (this would be 11-2a EST, or 8p-11a PST) NOT MANDATORY but encouraged for those who still need gear from Heroic Ny’lotha

Friday: 10p-1a (CST) (this would be 11-2a EST, or 8p-11p PST) Mythic

Saturday: 10p-1a (CST) (this would be 11-2a EST, or 8p-11p PST) Mythic
(we are considering adding more days, but times would most likely remain the same)
====Realm Cluster====
[Gurubashi] [Aegwynn] [Hakkar] [Daggerspine] and [Bonechewer]

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions:
Go to Arktuary(dot)com and discord info is on front page
If you join discord, select WoW icon in the #auto-roles section to be able to see the WoW channels.

You can add us as a friend via discord:

You can also add us to btag:

I think our guild would be an awesome fit for you. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

No Refunds is a 12/12 H guild pushing mythic progression and currently on the realm Stormrage. We’re highly active and we’re recruiting for our 5 raid teams, looking for mostly DPS and healers.

Currently, our goal is to continue progressing as far as we can into this raid tier and get ready to push in Shadowlands as well.

We are a semi-hardcore guild and value real life over WoW, we’re very vocal on discord and everyone loves to meet new people as we just started raiding with our 5 raid groups a few weeks ago.

Let me tell you a bit about what we need in each group.

No Raid funs 12/12 H Pushing Mythic - Tuesdays and Wednesdays - LOCKED

Benchwarmers 2/12 M 12/12 H Pushing Mythic- Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays - 9 pm est to midnight est

They need DPS - Ranged or Melee

Cumplexity 12/12 H Pushing Mythic - Thursdays and Fridays 7 pm est to 10 pm est

They need Healers and DPS - Melee or Ranged

Misdemeanors 9/12 Heroic - Wednesdays and Thursdays - 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm Server/EST

The group is LOCKED

Group 5 - No Drink Minimum - New Group - Friday and Saturday evenings - Have two tanks. Have three healers

This group needs a DPS and Healers. Ranged or Melee

If this seems like this interests you, please contact me here.

Battletag : Cristian#14424


In game: Peq-Stormrage


I’d love to chat with you and see if you are a good fit with us. Our guild is currently 5/12M with a 10/12M raid leader. We are on Zul’jin.

If you’d be interested in chatting, hit me up on B.net (Krystalline#1901) or Discord (Krystalline#8213). Good luck in your search!

Recursion is a newly formed guild 3/12M looking for competetive and consistent raiders for mythic progression. We are led by prior CE leadership and looking to push CE in the Shadowlands expansions. Raid Time: Tues/Thurs 8pm-12am est.

We are a close knit group of players and you can always find groups of us in the various channels in discord running m+, pvp or playing other games like BDO,LoL,Valorant, R6: Siege, etc when we are not on raid night. You’ll always be able to find a group and something to do with us. We are looking for fun and committed raiders that understand the nature of mythic progression.

The bulk of our guild is returning from a break from BFA and looking to put together a great mythic team to progress Nyalotha and make our main push in Shadowlands. We have Cutting Edge raid leads and plan to push for cutting edge every tier in shadowlands.

Recruitment Officer Contact Info (CASE SENSITIVE):
Bnet: FlamezZ#11115
Discord: FlamezZ#1111

It’s really hard to sell you on something when you don’t include a schedule you can meet (timezone/days). Hit me up on discord if you would be interested in chatting about an opportunity: Sieara#6473 (I volunteer delivering food to sick/dying people between 10 and like 2pm every day so I won’t respond during those hours sorry!)

Hi Reixy! Think you could be an awesome fit for us at Emergence. We are looking for a rogue, and your attitude and wants seem to fit us quite well. Have a look at our info and shoot me a pm on discord @ Raz#8161 if interested in chatting.

Cheers and happy Monday.