471 Resto Shaman 12/12H, 3/12M

Hey thanks for stopping by. Long running CE healer LF mythic raiding guild. I have experience of 3/12M and some deep pulls on hivemind. Just came back to the game after a hiatus since late EP.

past raid experience:
Mop: ToT - 13/13H SoO - 14/14M

WoD: Highmaul - 7/7M / BRF - 10/10M HFC - 13/13M

Legion: EN - 7/7M / ToV 3/3M 9/9M Tomb 11/11M ABT

BFA: Uldir 8/8M US BoD 9/9M CoS 1/2M. Eternal Palace 5/8M, Nyalotha 3/12M (11 Ce’s done over 8 years)

please leave spam below or add ieafas#1674

This isn’t really copy pasta - actually typing this out like a dummy before raid.

We just lost a healer in 11/12M prog and are looking for a main roster starter immediately! Our raid times 8-11 PM Pacific Time (not sure if you’re east coast, etc. etc.) on T/Thurs/Sun. Hyjal / Horde. We’re called but if you want to look us up - we’re called Excidiorum on warcraftlogs.

Anyways, any of this matches what you’re looking for, let me know! We can probably start trialing ASAP or whenever.

Discord: Rummie#1477, bnet: Rummie#1853

is a guild formed by seasoned raiders. Leadership has a history of Cutting Edge raiding, as well as leadership roles. Our GMs and Officers offer guidance and strong leadership to maintain a healthy and active community for guildmates to come and enjoy the game. Leading up to Shadowlands pre-patch our main focus is to build a community that players can be proud to be a part of. During that time we will be recruiting two to three officers. We will be in need of a Recruitment Officer, Raid Leader, and a Community Manager. These roles will not be easy, but they will be rewarding! If you feel like you would be a good fit for any of those roles, please contact Rae or Sham.

Thank you for your interest in Roasted! If you have more questions not answered here, please reach out to an Officer or GM!

[Raid Information:]

[Days:] Tue / Wed / Thur
[Times:] 7PM PST (10PM EST) - 10PM PST (1AM EST)
[Required Add-ons:] DBM / Big Wigs, Exorsus Raid Tools

Interested? Contact Sham or Rae to set up a trial!

What We Expect From Raiders

  • 90% Attendance
  • Ability to read logs and improve when needed
  • Come to raid with Pots / Food (We supply cauldrons)
  • Be able to handle constructive criticisms
  • Be online and ready for invites 15 minutes prior to the start of raid

GM: Shamel [Discord: Shamel#8743]
> CO-GM: Rae [Discord: Rae#9260]
> Raid Lead: Open Position
> Recruitment Officer: Open Position
> Community Manager: Open Position

Dang while the offer is very tempting i just cant make the times. I’m Central timezone and I get up for work at 7 am. getting off raid at 1am is just too late :confused:

Hey there! < Simplicity > is a semi-hardcore, 3/12M on previous server but now on Area 52 Horde are looking to round our roster out.

We raid on a relaxed schedule at T/W 8-11 PM EST. Our heroic reclear nights are on Thursday 8 PM EST. Our raids are led by a former US Top 50 raider. However our raids are chilled and relaxed but serious when we try to get these bosses down. We are raiding to prepare for Shadowlands.

To expand our horizons, we are also in the process of forming an established M+ addict group within the guild (most guildies just grab each other and run keys. Since we just server transferred and some guildies are leveling alts, majority of us run keys around 15 but some want to push higher). Running these M+ key establish the community within our guild which strengthens the bond between guildmates during raids.

If you are interested in our guild, please feel free to reach out to me at Kae#11715 on bnet or Kae#4869 on discord (case sensitive). We can also do cross realm trials to see if we are a fit!

Still looking around

still looking around would love a group that raids between 6-11pm CST

Bump back to the top also have my alt mistweaver and hpally (472 and 474 respectively) I’m more than comfortable with each of my three healers

Hey Cel, our times fit you perfectly I believe. We are a new guild with several returning CE - and top US pre-CE - players. Check us out and get in touch with me if you’re interested! Raz#8161 on discord.

Thanks for the interest but i cant make sundays consistently best of luck though!