470 warrior former CE raider LF aotc or mythic raiding guild and home for SL

Getting CE in SL come get it with us.

Back to the top. Thanks all for the replies but still searching

Horde - Tichondrius

4/12M - Recruiting Warrior/Rogue and Ranged dps to finalize Shadowlands roster
Friday / Saturday 8-11pm PST
Optional/Casual heroic raid Wednesday 8pm CST

Active guild for mythic+ and casual raiding. We have been together for roughly 3 years and are looking to push fairly hardcore come shadowlands. Add me if you have any specific questions

Btag: Tyrue#1545
Discord: Tyrue#1556

Hey Mayhelms,

We are specifically looking for a warrior to finish out this tier. Beyond that, a lot of raiders will switch mains and we always welcome that. We will assess our needs if we’re short anything so for the next xpac that is not an issue. Check us out and see if you think we might be a good fit.

Proficient (formerly known as Proficient in Wagons) formed during ABT and has stayed active throughout the end of Legion and through BFA. We were 3/8 M in EP, and currently 9/12 M Nya. Our Raid Nights are Tuesday/Wednesday 9:00pm to 12:00am EST. We usually do alt/optional runs on Saturday based on interest. We are not a hardcore guild aiming for CE, however we do like to make progress in Mythic where we can, which means raiders should come with knowledge of the fights before raid time. Currently, we are doing mythic farm content on Tuesdays and progression Mythic content on Wednesdays. We have most recently downed Drest’agath, and are currently working on Il’gynoth.

Pushing M+ keys has been a growing priority in the guild as more people are looking for challenging content outside of raids. Our active members are currently getting their +15s done every week with little to no trouble. We have multiple guild members with .io 2.7k+. Future members are welcome to join push teams if they are interested and able.

Our main objective and priority is to keep up an active and enjoyable community throughout BfA and then into Shadowlands.

We have an active discord at night and highly encourage its use outside of events for greater enjoyment of the game. Discord is required for events (raids).

We are looking for a healer and a few dps to fill in our numbers. Mythic spots are set by performance and/or comp for progression, and then we try to rotate people in for rekills.

We might have a tank spot available if the fit and circumstances are right.

If interested, feel free to reach me through a PM, or in game yaomingdave#1615, or in discord yaomingdave#4312 (GM).

Thank you for your time.

Greetings! Check out our post that I have linked. If you’re interested, we would love to chat!