466ilvl demo lock LF raid guild (9/9n, 9/9h, M+ 2100 io)

Whats up… looking for a late night raid guild, preferably west coast. here are my hours of availability:
Mon: 9pm pst+
Tues: 7pm pst+
Wed: 8pm pst+
Thurs: 9pm pst+
Friday: 8pm pst+
Sat/Sun: no raiding but i will grind mythic +s

Experience: Just recently came back to WoW. I took a break starting in Legion where i was a mythic RL and pushed for CE (For legion and prior 3 exp). I have played wow since vanilla. I understand my class very well. I know how to play the game and have never had any issues with mechanics. Coming back, I just dont want to be a RL anymore but i do want to push for CE on this last tier of Dragonflight, followed up with pushing for CE when the new expansion comes out.

Best way to get a hold of me is discord: chiefkief34
Blizzard: Chiefkief8#1611

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