461 Fury War/ 460 BM hunter/ 450 Lock and / 440 Blood DK Looking for guild

Add Kl0wN1#1666

Hey there Arteemis,

We are also on Area 52 and we are looking for people that want to be social and have a great time while progressing through heroic content and mythic content in Shadowlands. We all have a different experience during our venture through Azeroth, but one is for certain is that we strive to continuously build a fantastic community. With the new expansion on the rise, it gives everyone a fresh start and hope you find that wherever your journey takes you.

Currently, we are 8/12H on our second week of raid progression as we are newly formed and would like to finish building out the raid team if raiding is your thing. If not, we are also recruiting social players, Mythic + key runners, PVP duelers, transmog junkies, and even profession masters.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, please feel free to contact us or join the discord and hit up the General chat. Hope to hear from you!

I could definitely use another tank and ranged DPS. Oh and that melee war is welcome :slight_smile:


BattleNet: Neoramuh#1528, Addictive#1191
Discord: discord.gg/sjdp2MW

Guild: Casually Heroic 12/12H, 4/12M

Faction: Horde

Raid Days/Times: Tues/Wed 8-11 EST


Requirement Needs: We need a few more Range Dps (Mages, Boomkin, Shadow Priest), and Healers. Anyone that wants to game with some pretty chill people. We will work around your desired class.

Casuals also welcome, so if you’re looking for a place to call home waiting on Shadowlands, of you want a place that has people online so you can talk, send us a message and well be happy to invite you.

About us: has evolved over the years. We went from a mythic pushing group to where we are today. We are made up of a core group that has raided together since WotLK. We took a little break in BFA and now we are back with a new name and new approach.

The name pretty much sums up our approach. AOTC and mythic keys will be our main goals, we will NOT be pushing mythics. Most of us are a little older, and we have families and careers. We don’t have the time required for successful mythic progression. We prefer to chill out, drink a couple beers and have a good time with good friends. That being said, we do expect that people wanting to raid be familiar with their class, and performing well enough to clear Heroic content. We can help you gear, and we can even offer some general gameplay tips, but ultimately your performance is your responsibility.

If you are looking for a place to rest your controller, or looking to hang out with some decent people we might be for you. If you just need a stepping stone on your way to the big leagues, we can help with that. Whatever it is that you are looking for, come talk to us, and let us see if we can help.

Hello Arteemis!
My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ gaming community recruiting! 12/12N, 12/12H Ny'alotha