460 Guardian/ Feral Druid LF Raiding Guild

Hey all!

I’ve recently come back to the game after taking a break for a large part of this expansion. I’m a veteran raider and have experience playing at both the cutting edge and casual levels. Ideally, I would like a guild with a two-three day schedule with an eye towards downing mythic content and having fun while doing so.

While my experience with Ny’alotha is lacking, I am confident that I will be able to catch on to mechanics quickly and am looking for a guild willing to give me a chance to prove myself and allow me to solidify my place before Shadowlands drops.

I have been playing a Druid since 2007 and am comfortable in both the tank and DPS (feral) roles. In the past few weeks since my return I’ve been putting in a lot of work to get my essences and cloak leveled and grinding Mythic+ in effort to be competitive for raiding.

Based on guild need, I also have experience playing as an enhancement shaman at a high level as well as havoc demon hunter. I have logs available from previous expansions and can provide a detailed history upon request.

For more information or to talk please reach out through battlenet or discord. Thanks! —Oz

Battletag: Ozzy#1523
Discord: Oz#6671

PM on discord. Wyce#0556 is my name

Hey Oz,

I am the GM at The Bench and was wondering if you would be interested in chatting about joining up.

I sent you a friend request but in the meantime you can read more about us here

Wet Wet is recruting!!
Our goal is to create an environment where EVERYONE can have fun, meet new friends, and raid in a laid back, yet competitive atmosphere. Our ultimate raiding goal is to create a core team this tier and clear CE next tier.
We raid fri 8-11/Sat 7-10

Message me here,
In game on Kohinah
Or add my battle net Haunted#1305 for more info!
Discord Saffy San#6994