460 Fire Mage

460 Mage looking for a semi-hardcore guild with AOTC and pushing Mythic to raid and run M+ with. Preferably after 8pm central times that’s when I’m usually free in the evenings. Took a break in 8.2 ready to get back in the swing of things in 8.3 and Shadowlands. Not sure what else you’d like to know. Feel free to leave info below if interested and i will reach out or any other questions. Looking to stay Horde.

Hey, I am the GM of Inept on Area 52, we are currently 7/12 H and pushing for AOTC and as far as we can go in mythic. We have a leadership that is 12/12 Mythic and looking for players like you to fill our core. If this seems like a fit add me on btat, hotwire#1564

Hey infernno! Who is John Galt is a horde raiding guild on the server Hyjal. Our raid times are Tue/Thur 7:30-10:30pm PST (9:30-12:30pm CST). Our current progression is 3/12M with 1% on Hivemind. I’d love to get some more info from you! Feel free to contact me on Bnet @ Delgalo#1485 or Discord @ Delgalo#9742. Hope to hear from you!

Hi inferno, I know you said you prefer after 8 but if you can swing 7-10 central we’d love to talk!

Hi need of a fire mage currently

Tawny Wind Rider Gang (11/12H) is recruiting raiders for heroic and mythic progression. We are focused on AOTC each tier and then pushing Mythic. Raids are Tues/Thurs 8-11p Eastern. Optional Normal (alt) raid Sundays.

We run Mythic+ regularly and group for casual PvP. Non-raiders and those leveling are also Welcome.


If you can swing it we hope to hear from you, if not we wish you luck in your search

Hello Infernno, we are a casual progression guild looking for a couple DPS to fill out our raid for Mythic (12/12H). Take a look at the guild spam below and if we seem like a guild you might be interested in feel free to contact me:

Discord Corenne#7007
Battle tag frosty#1498

Server: Blackhand/Galakrond
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30PM – 10:30PM CST

Enlightened Dark is recruiting for Ny’alotha, currently 12/12H. We are looking 1-2 dps to fill out our raid team for Mythic (pref range). We are a casual progression guild whose goal is to get AoTC for current content then try and move into Mythic as much as possible.

Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 CST. There are also optional Sunday social/alt raid runs and Mythic Mondays.

What to expect from us:

  • Raiding at a semi-casual level, but still clearing content in a reasonable time frame.
  • Help with providing raid consumables and enchants/gems
  • Help with classes or in game knowledge when needed

What we expect from you:

  • Be respectful! (we like to joke around and have fun with each other, this includes non-pc; if it is being directed at you and you don’t like it please say something and we will stop but don’t expect others to stop making jokes with each other)
  • Be prepared for raids (consumable, strats, addons, etc)
  • Ability to listen, learn, and open to constructive criticism while learning
  • Prior notice if unable to make raids (let us know as soon as possible) we do understand real life happens!

Expansion Raiding Progression:
EP – 3/8M 8/8H(AoTC)
CoS - 2/2H(AoTC)
BFD - 1/8M 8/8H(AoTC)
Uldir - 2/8M 8/8H(AoTC)

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via this forum, discord or in game. Also any of our officers on server: Ranes, Raellia, and Anxiety

If you’re still looking so are we! [H] Returning weekend guild lfm 12/12H

Hi Infernno!

Safe Word (H) on Kilrogg is looking for more DPS for our raid team! We finished up AOTC and have started M Nya’Lotha, currently 3/12 (finished EP at 5/8 M). We raid Tues and Thurs from 7-10 PST. We are building up our team and working on optimizing the roster for each fight so we can push as far as we can into this raid. :slight_smile: Outside of raid, just about everyone runs keys and we have some awesome push groups!

Our main recruitment post here has more specific info about what we are looking for and what you can expect from us as a team:


Here’s our guild application link:


If you’re interested, if you could fill it out so we can get a better idea of what kind of player you are, that would be great!

My discord is Esaora#3578, bnet Lyra#11630. Hope to chat with you soon! :smiley:

Hello - Fallen Empire [H] [Mal’ganis] is recruiting for mythic progression starting this Tuesday. We raid T/W 8-11PM CST and we really need a mage. Just transferred to Mal’ganis from our dead home server looking to get back into the mythic scene, got CE in Uldir and BoD and finished 6/8M in EP. We also do quite a bit of mythic +.

Feel free to contact me at Slayna#1159 (bnet) or Dr. Wek#1632 (discord)

Hey Infernno,

Add me on bnet so we can chat! Pezek@1832

Look forward to speaking with you soon

We might be a good fit.

Computus Demum has been a progression-oriented raiding guild for almost 14 years. Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We have a sister guild that does Heroic runs on Tuesdays, We do M+ Mondays, and there’s generally action to be had every other night. We’re 3/12 M right now

The majority of our roster are adults who have real outside commitments to things like careers and family, which we generally accommodate. However, our expectation is that you put some effort into grinding and knowing your class and playing it well. We have been slowly pushing our way higher each Mythic tier and expect to arrive at a point where we can hit CE and hopefully sustain it. We do not tolerate drama or toxicity.

  • We require a 75 neck for raid invite*

Fill out an application on our website link and hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952) or Ando(Dolgare#1940) for more info.

Application(remove the space between h and ttps):
h ttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GXbd95MY9VWIznarOiSX6ZHzryuECtQ4AivJvk-ezPk

Our raid leader streams our raids, as well as mythic +'s if you’re interested in checking us out: https://www.twitch.tv/dolgare

Masquerade, A reformed former CE guild(2/12m 12/12H in our first two weeks) with veteran leadership and core looking for experienced raiders. We are pushing for CE now and into shadowlands. Lets have some fun. Sat/Sun 7-11pm CST.


Apes Together Strong
AOTC, 3/12M
Raid times: Tues & Thurs 9-12 est. Optional alt night Sat. 9-12 est

We need a few spots filled for our Mythic roster. We are super active on off nights running M+, pushing high keys and pvping. We have a really good connection together, even though we have many different personalities we have a blast and work well together.
We can be a bit mouthy and are not at all PG, if you aren’t okay with that then this wouldn’t be the best place for you. We have the mindset we are all adults here and don’t need to be d*cks when something gets messed up in raid. Own up to it, fix the issue and move on and kill the boss. We want to have everyone included with strats and ideas and love to hear from people. We do like to keep that type of thing in discord before or after raid time, however it does leak over into raid as we are learning new bosses for mythic.

Our goal is mythic prog with getting CE but mostly the focus is on pushing hard into Shadowlands. If this sounds like a guild you might be interested in joining please let me know.

Bnet: Tottie#11868
Discord: Tottie#8675

Hello! [H] 12/12H is looking for capable raiders to fill our mythic team.

We raid Tu/Th 830p-1130p EST. We foster a friendly raid environment with occasional banter. Additionally we frequently run M+ and random bgs in guild groups.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for reach out to Blackrend#6342 or giles#7702 on Discord. See our standard recruitment post below for more detail. Hope to hear from you!

Hey! I have a horde 4/12 M (almost 5/12 .2% on Shad) guild LFM dps. TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern raid times. Can go over a lot more details just add me on BNET


Heya! We are looking to add 1 more mage to our roster at this point gearing up for Mythic Ny’alotha. Currently we are 10/12H after only 3 weeks of raiding.

We are made up of a group of players who either took a break for Classic and are back to prepare for Shadowlands or just had a wow Hiatus and are now back to the grind. We are definitely more interested in personality over pure talent at one’s class. We are trying to procure a guild that people enjoy logging in to raid with and will progress in much more than just this tier.

Many of the players in the guild have raided off and on together since Vanilla forming a tight bond over the last 15 years.

We are currently on Stormrage Alliance. We raid Tues & Thurs 830EST - 1130EST

Feel free to add me on Bnet Burnsey#1181