460 Demon Hunter Area-52

460 demon hunter havoc main spec off spec vengeance looking for a casual guild that might want to push into mythic. Just want an active guild looking to push keys in mythic plus. With a crazy work schedule can’t really commit to set raid days but Tuesday and Wednesday might be the best times late at night around 10pm up thanks

Hey Krazor!

Morning Brew is looking for a few healers to round out our current roster. We are horde and a morning guild that offers a unique time slot for those interested. If you would like to chat feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Cen#11694
Discord: Cen#5348

[H] Morning Brew 4/12M 12/12H

Raid Times: 9am-12pm EST | >Wed/Thurs/Friday
Optional Monday Alt run 9am-12pm EST

Recruitment Needs
Ranged – Warlock , Mage, SPriest
Melee – Rogue
Healer – Holy Pally , Disc Priest , Holy >Priest, Resto Sham, MW Monk