4.5k GS Fury Warrior LFG

Hey All! My previous guild fell apart recently but I’m still hungry to play! I’m looking for a group who’s clearing/progressing on Ulduar. I’m looking to do HM’s 25/10m. I will come to the raid on time and prepared with consumes. I have Engi/JC maxed with all the goodies. I’ll be leveling alts and looking to gear them too if the guild/raid needs a specific class/spec for alt raids etc. I don’t have any logs for phase 2 but I can provide phase 1 logs!

I’m currently on Horde Mankrik but I’m willing to transfer/faction change to any realm that’s possible. I’m looking for Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday raid nights 8-12pm CST. Please contact me on Discord with any questions or inquiries @ Holdfasthope#5790