455 Hpal/Ret LF Guild

Hi there,

After being away since the start of BFA, I’ve come back for 8.3. I’m mainly interested in and looking to join a guild that is focused on, casual raiding, but still keen on doing Mythic+ and PvP. Also looking forward to Shadowlands but am unsure what my main will be. My available days for raiding are Monday and Wednesday/Thursday. Due to being from Perth (GMT+8), would prefer later raiding times to suit after work commitments.

Cheers in advance and am looking forward to joining a great guild :slight_smile:

Hey mate,

We are currently 9/12 heroic and are focused on working through heroic Nyalotha! We are currently on the hunt for either heals or dps and it seems you could fit either of those roles. We raid Thursday and Mondays from 8pm (server time) to 11pm. We would be happy to have you on the team so send me a friend request on bnet Rakruar#1507