450 Balance Druid/ alt lock 5/8M

About me

5/8M sub 60% pulls on Queen

I am a long time player looking to swap back to horde, looking for High pop servers CE mindset player tons of past history looking for 5/8M+ guild that pushing for CE in 8.3. Have tons of alts but i focus 2 toons Main is the druid with 2 OS but will also main alt Warlock that is 445 72 HoA and all essense


Druid Shadowiz-Emerald Dream
Warlock has crap logs do to boost and lack of Essense- Shädowiz-Emerald Dream

Dam link block^

Times-Open to discussion

Mon-any time after 8PM
Tues-Anytime after 8Pm
Wed-Anythime after 8PM
Thurs-realistic after 930-10PM
Fri-Pref off
Sat-Sun Nope

Also looking for People to push high keys with as well as Alts keys

Contact info

Bnet Shadowiz128#1805
Discord Shadowiz#3133 Best way

Hey shadow, my guild is looking for strong Dps to for our mythic raid team. we raid T/W 8-1030est 4/8MEP and 6/9MBoD. If youre interested or have any questions, let me know Rooster#12720.

hey there we’ve got a spot open for a boomkin! if we sound like a fit add one of the officers :slight_smile:

< Scripted Encounters > on Area-52 [H] is currently recruiting for core raid positions with a focus on 8.3 and Shadowlands . We are a Mythic minded raiding guild with a strong officer core who share a common goal of pushing mythic content.

We’re currently 4/12 Heroic and aiming to clear heroic quickly to start mythic progression with a cutting edge goal before shadowlands.

We are looking for serious members to join out tight knit group of ragtag pals, Nightly Mythic+, Transmog runs and PVP are just some of the things we engage in-game together, not to mention other games like League of legends, Diablo, Overwatch and CS:GO, just to name a few.

Raid Times: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 8pm till 11pm est.

What we Bring:
Strong Leadership
A comfortable Mythic progression focused raid environment
Repairs (upon reaching raider rank)

What You Bring
Dedication to the raid team
Good attendance
Well researched on your class/fights
Able to take constructive criticism

Progression : (while current)
Uldir 5/8 Mythic
BoD 6/8 Mythic
EP 4/8 Mythic
NWC 4/12 Heroic

We’re Looking to round out our roster in preparation for mythic, these are our current roster needs:

Warlocks - High
Balance Druids - High
Holy Paladin - High
Elemental Shaman with Resto off-spec - High
Rogue - Medium
Hunter - Medium


Get in contact with any of the officers below if you have any questions!

Edantis#1167 – or discord – HotClaw#7972
Sparkytiz#1491 - or discord - sparkytits#4769
Lunaspark#1158 - Or Discord- Ivaedra#2899

Malicious on area52H is currently seeking a few more players to bolster our ranks and push CE and current content! We are open to any exceptional dps even if your class isn’t currently a high priority for recruitment.

currently, 8/12 H and the week isn’t done yet!

We are active in discord, run a lot of m+, some players do arenas and Rbgs. We are all mature adults. We have a respectful and communicative raid environment. We do invites and pull trash at 745pm and expect to be on the boss by 8 pm EST or sooner.

We are currently seeking:
★ prot pally/ brewmaster - ULTRA HIGH PRIORITY
★ boomkins - HIGH PRIORITY (capable offspec a bonus)
★ warlocks - HIGH PRIORITY

Being able to flex into other roles with capable Offspec is a bonus and highly encouraged.

we were 7/8M currently in EP.
Currently 8/12H NYO

★ raid Tuesday & thusday 745pm EST to 11pm EST
★ the beginning of a new tier and the end of tier, we vote to add an extra day to help push CE and AOTC. Currently, weds have been added in the short term.
★ we run a lot of m+
★ there are a few members that do arena and Rbgs

here are some of our standards & expectations:
★ HoA: 68-70+
★ Prog this tier 5/8M or 7/9M last tier
★ Parse Avg 75-80% or better in Mythic
★ Must be open to constructive criticism, willing to adapt and be flexible.
★ post afk with ample notice (emergencies and some exceptions apply)
★ be ready with consumables and supplies
★ know/be familiar with the fight
★ complete a minimum of 1 M+ at 10/15 or higher, weekly

you may reach out to us via btag or discord
luna#14515 - recruiter
luna discord: Lunanyte#8544

Chris#111980 - GM/ raid lead
chris discord: Christopher#8411