-45% Resonant Fists talent is -5% dmg nerf to brewmaster monks


  • Resonant Fists damage reduced by 45%.
    • -10% overall dmg
  • Keg Smash damage increased by 10%.
    • +1% overall dmg
  • Tiger Palm damage increased by 20%.
    • nothing
  • Blackout Kick damage increased by 20%.
    • +.5% overall dmg
  • Spinning Crane Kick increased by 20%.
    • +2% overall dmg
  • Breath of Fire damage increased by 25%.
    • +1.5% overall dmg

-10% + (1+.5+2+1.5) = -5%

if you gonna nerf the dmg of monk tank then at least buff its physical dmg reduction/stagger. it’s so bad


i think you missed some of the stuff they did add ( sure it’s not the physical dmg reduction/stagger you wanted but it is something).

New Ability: Spirit of the Ox – Your Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick have a chance to summon a Healing Sphere.

Stagger is now a baseline ability.

Quick Sip now purifies 5% of damage delayed by Stagger (was 2%).

  • Gift of the Ox is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).

  • Graceful Exit is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).

  • Quick Sip is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).

  • Staggering Strikes is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).

seems like a lot of those should be helpful and free up a few talent points


People have always screeched - understandably so, sometimes - about blizz balancing with a sledgehammer. For now, I’m fine with more incremental changes, and I can understand not wanting to shake things up too much since people are already well into the season and gearing the character(s) they want to use (so I figure they’re probably not going to do any huge shakeups, like nerfing warrior into the ground).

I don’t like the damage nerf - and, imo, BrM should have the niche of being the high damage tank - but I never liked resonant fists anyway. That much damage coming from a passive was just pointless.

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So your numbers are off. I looked at my top keys run across dungeons and looked at my percentages and they are as follows:

Keg Smash: 15.5%
Reasoning Fists: 8.17%
BOK: 8.33%
BOF: 5.17%
Charred Passions: 3.67%
SCK: 3%

So that means:

Keg Smash: +1.55%
Reasoning Fists: -3.68%
BOK: +1.67%
BOF: +1.29%%
Charred Passions: +0.918%
SCK: +0.6%

Net gain: 2.35%


This is good math. Small buff, plus could be a larger buff to staggering strikes. It wasnt calculating the stagger removed from resonating fists, so this will be not only a net gain offensively, but it will be make what SEEMS to be a decent talent, actually decent. This plus quick sip buff is huge for our passive stagger clearing.

Really wish they added a talent option for BoF that gave the damage reduction effect to Keg smash in order to simplify our rotation a bit. I think fixing the button bloat should be the next thing on their list to resolve.

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Keg smash heal back would be the perfect topper to these good patch notes.


Let’s be real, we all knew this nerf was coming for Resonant Fists.
It’s a passive where it’s damage could top Keg Smash’s and be a Brew’s top dealing damage

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Your rotation is off. Resonant Fists should be 18-23% of your dmg, usually its 1st or 2nd of brew’s dmg. More than likely it’s because you’re not using Rushing Jade Wind/Spinning Crane Kick as frequently in your rotation (yes brewmaster has button bloat).

if brew doesn’t go full dps build then they’re useless with the nerf to its overall dmg, especially when a prot war can tank so many more adds without stressing the healer. a ww can easily fill in for the party’s +5% phys dmg debuff (ww’s dmg is also bad in m+ because of the fake overkill touch of dmg skewing actual dmg meters/logs).

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The highest Brew keys in the world cap out around 11-14% overall damage key depending. Nice try tho

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I do triple pulls all the time, even soloed the second boss in HOV from 4M as a BrM on Tyrannical

With this in mind, is it still worth picking up those points (along with white tiger) or are those 3 points spent best elsewhere? I gather even with the nerf, resonating fists is worth.

I’d say white tiger is good for multiple targets but ST probably not. I’d still grab RF though regardless of the nerfs.

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We needed that 4pc added as a capstone talent. That would undoubtedly solve a lot of what’s wrong with brew.

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those numbers are realistically incorrect. those only apply at insanely high +20 keys were very few even play. my numbers are correct for the majority that only care about +15 keys. especially when a prot war is just way better than a brew for +20 keys. prot wars are more tankier so they can do much larger pulls even at +20 keys while pumping huge dmg. brewmaster just cant. so brews have no choice but to lose all their dps talents and so they have those terrible dps numbers. spinning crane kick should rarely be in ur rotation at high keys because it doesn’t refresh your def cd aka brews. thus the buff to it is insignificant and the nerf to Resonant Fists weakens brewmaster by a lot

that y i only care about the dmg nerfs because it affects mainly lower +15 keys

I compared my numbers from a few weeks ago when I was running 15s to now in the 20s, the dps breakdown I was doing in 15’s is about the same so sorry you’re still wrong…

It does better DPS than RJW with no talents supporting it and with talents it can do significantly more damage overall in 1.5 sec than what RJW does in 8.5, yet I’d bet that you probably use RJW more for whatever reason. It’s only going to do even more damage than RJW after the patch.

Plus quick sip is going to be a legitimate choice in the patch. SCK grants 4 seconds of shuffle per use. That’s 5% stagger damage purged, so it absolutely can be a defensive ability.

never said Rushing Jade Wind does more dmg than Spinning Crane Kick. You only maintain Rushing Jade Wind to add another proc source of Resonant Fists because of how insanely high the dmg it is. Resonant Fists is top dmg, it’s so high that it does just as much as Rushing Jade Wind + Spinning Crane Kick combined.

I will use it when it goes live but for now the 2 points into it and 1 into stagger limits my talent choices by a lot

True but 5% is nothing when you still have 95% shuffle on you piling up because you have less brews. I’d still use Tiger Palm for +20 keys. the stagger piles up so high. wish i can test +20 but it’s so much grinding to do pvp + keys. at the start of shadowlands when pvp gear was mythic raid ilvl i’d easily test this. now i cant

but for sure, i’d never use brew for +20 keys. it’s just so squishy, does less dps compared, and has a lot less utility compared to a prot war/pal.

your rotation is different than mine. mine is all dps with very little kiting, yours is either kiting or not full dpsing. brews cant even dps fully in +20 keys because of how squishy they are compared to prot war/pal.

Then how did I solo Hyrja from 3.8M on Tyrannical week with all 4 of my party members dead?