448 Havoc/Veng DH/445 boomkin alt lfg

Just came back after a break during 8.2.5, working on catching up essences etc…, but looking to get back into mythic raiding. Prefer evening guilds, can’t end super late, prefer Horde, but willing to faction change for the right group. Looking to Mythic raid on either toon. I play both roles on the DH, but mostly boomkin on the druid. Have all classes at max level and am proficient at all, it’s just a matter of farming. I enjoy raiding and have no particular preference on what it’s on specifically.
BT: Glock#11414

Everybody defines “late” differently so I figured I would give it a shot. DirtylilHorde is recruiting, specifically Demon Hunters right now. We raid Sunday and Monday night from 10pm-1am EST. We are a casual mythic progression guild.

Are you alright with raiding weekends?