445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild


Extenze(A-Sargeras) is looking for more to help round out our mythic roster. We are a laid back group of friends that are looking for more fun people to push mythic content with. Our goal is CE, and we are looking for more that can help us achieve that.

Right now, we are looking to build up our roster for 8.3. We finished AEP at 5/8M and BoD at 6/9M. Our schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday, 9pm-12am est.

On off nights, we like to do alt runs, run keys (gearing alts and/or pushing high keys), world PvP, BG’s, and dip our toes in about all forms of content.

Overall, we have a strong focus on our community. There are some players here that are amazing, and could easily join a top 100 US guild - but they stay because the atmosphere we’ve created here is really fun. Our community is something I’m proud of and is easily the greatest thing our guild has to offer, and we are always looking for more to share it with.

From reading your post, I got the vibe that this is something you are interested in too. We are looking to add another boomy to our team, and I’d love to talk with your more about what we have to offer here. Add me on discord (JoeJ03#9450) if you are interested to learn more.

Hope to hear from you soon!

[A] 8/8H EP US-Proudmoore recruiting members to strengthen our raid team.

We are a low drama adult guild with a nice atmosphere and helpful members. The Guild was formed at the beginning of legion and has achieved AOTC each tier with some mythic kills to boot.

Are members enjoy raiding, running mythic +, and a few even like arena and bg’s

Raid times Thurs/Fri 10pm-1am PST

For more info contact

Armageddon#1703 Toon name Wolfestyle

Talk to you soon.

Sellouts - Illidan(H)(6/8M EP) is currently recruiting! We are a close knit community looking to add a few key players to round out our raid team with the goal of CE this coming tier and for all future tiers. Outside of raids we also have an extreamly active guild that includes quite a lot of m+ and pvp, and alt raids of both current and older content. We pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive while still being laid back and enjoying our memes.

We raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm realm time (9-12 EST) with optional content on Thursday.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Destro Lock
Ele Shaman with Resto OS

Strong ranged with a healing offspec

We are ALWAYS looking for strong, mechanically minded players so even if your class/spec is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to chat anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you would like to chat or looking for more info please feel free to reach out.
Contact Info:
bnet: görz#1428
Discord: Gorzy#0643