443 Warlock LF mythic raiding guild

Hello! I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild. I have hit AoTC, and am currently 3/9M. I’m very quick to learn and am constantly working on improving my abilities with my class.

I’m available any day of the week between 8 PM EST - 12:30 AM EST (some nights later depending on work)

If interested feel free to reach out on discord: Deathonic or reply here! Thank you for your consideration.


Hey there! We’d love to have another Warlock on our roster! We’re a pretty laid-back bunch who like pushing as far as we can into Mythic every tier, I’ll leave the rest of our more important info below. If we sound like a place you’re looking for and if our times & days align, hit me up if you’d like to chat. Hope to hear from you! ^^
Chaotic Neutral is a long-established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon that has been around since TBC! While we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.

We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday extra prog/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. If you’d like more info on our previous progress please visit our WoWProg page, for our loot rules please visit our forum post. All we ask of raiders is to research fights and research your own class so you can play to the best of your ability!
We’re currently 9/9H & 1/9M Aberrus!
We also have members who love running all levels of keys, and would be happy to bring more people along!

I’ll leave all our additional info below that I recommend checking out, but if you’re interested then please add my btag or discord to get in contact or put in an app on our guild site, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search! :wave:
Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] - 8/8H & 3/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Guilds of WoW Page: https://guildsofwow.com/chaotic-neutral
WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Recruitment Contacts: Btag - GingerHeals#11438 | Discord - sulveris

Hey there. Hit you up on disc as well.
[NA] [H/A] (Zul’Jin) Critically Dumb 9/9H and 2/9M (2% wipe on amalg with 10 pulls total).

Critically Dumb is looking for players to solidify our raid roster for Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible

Who are we?

Critically dumb is a guild formed by a group of friends that enjoyed playing together and wanted more from the community of the game. On a cold winter night in 2018, the guild was founded by a group of friends and has been steadily growing ever since. The original goal of the guild was to raid together but it quickly grew to become a guild that not only achieved AOTC but also has dipped its toes into mythic every tier since. We achieved 4/8M Vault, 2/11M Sepulcher (roster boss), and 5/10M Sanctum.


The main goal of Critically Dumb is to achieve AOTC each tier and progress as far as we can into mythic before the end of the tier. We enjoy progression raiding and enjoy playing the game together to its fullest extent in all forms of content in the game. However, we also enjoy playing other games outside of world of warcraft together and also enjoy content outside of raiding. Most of our raid team runs keys together outside of raid time and achieved Keystone Hero last season and have achieved it this season as well.

We are currently looking for all dps specs to round out the mythic roster. High priority needs are a spriest and additional (non evoker) dps.


We enjoy a variety of additional content such as PVP, mount/mog runs, and achievement runs. We have a very active discord and community.


It is imperative to our raid team that you are on time and can maintain a near perfect attendance to raid. Our raid times are 8pm-11pm EST on Tuesday and Wednesday. That being said, we understand that real life comes first and sometimes you will not be able to make it.

Let me know if you are interested and/or have questions on discord at dave.8008

Hello Grimgriever!

We are Bad Mood Bears, which is a guild of ex-hardcore players looking to fill our raid for mythic and pushing for CE. We have several previous CE raiders including our raid lead. We are a chill group simply looking to progress at a decent pace in a fun low-stress environment. If this sounds like it might be a good fit then reach out to:



Currently Recruiting:



Priority on:

Flex Shaman

We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in Azeroth!

[H][US][BlackwaterRaiders] LF Team-Oriented Raiders that want to push Mythic

Progression: 5/8M VotI, 9/9 N AtSC, 9/9 H AtSC, 3/9 M AtSC

Raid times: Tues and Thursday 8:30 pm-3 hours after our first boss pull EST. Noticed that your times line up perfectly with ours! We also have a secondary Raid Team that runs on Thursday and Sunday nights starting at the same time but ending at 11pm EST for alts, people who don’t want to pursue mythic progression, and people who don’t make the progression team.

Hello, I am the Guild Lead and Raid Lead for The Deadmen. We are a Horde guild on BlackwaterRaiders (in the US).

Our guild is the largest and most active on our server, and currently best progression-wise looking to keep that title and get some more realm firsts! We also CONSTANTLY are running Mythic+ and have people cranking out keys all week and pushing keys anywhere from the mid-teens to the mid-20s.

We are seeking friendly, capable players interested in competing for high level Mythic content, have good listening skills, are patient, and are collaborative. Our goal is to have a well organized team that communicates well on the road to Cutting Edge. We also strive to maintain a competitive and fun environment that is welcoming to all!

We prioritize creating a space where you can be yourself and enjoy the time you spend with the members of this guild. We almost always have people in one of our discord voice chats hanging out even if they’re not playing together or playing other games.

We are LGBT+ friendly and welcome to members of all identities, personalities, backgrounds, military service, and political affiliations. We also have officers solely dedicated to mental health check-ins and support.

Please message me if you are interested:
Discord: TheGantaGun#3912
Battle Tag: TheGantaGun#1518

Hello Grimgriever, I am the recruitment officer for Bold-Stormrage.
We are currently recruiting ranged dps for our CE focused weekend team.
We are currently 4/9 with rashok being down very soon
If you have any interest in us, please reach out. Times and contact info listed below:

—Raid Times—

Saturday: 8:30PM - 12:00AM EST
Sunday: 8:30PM - 12:00AM EST

Contact (B-Tags / Discords)

  • GM/RL: Jäger#11356 / staffeln
  • Recruitment Officer: Hildifonz#1843 / hildifonz
  • Healing Officer: Pudgyjoe#1276 / Gorskï#3509
  • Melee Officer: Daniel#14905 / HiP#1609
  • Ranged Officer: cavajason#1988 / cavajason#5383


Auxillary is a semi-casual guild looking for creatures of all corners to join! Aux has been together for over 2 years now and we’re looking for people to fill our roster and socials to enjoy the rest of the content WoW has to offer. We’re a horde guild in Area-52, but here’s a little more about us.

Our raid team is focused on getting as far as we can in Mythic now that AOTC is cleared and raids Tues/Thurs 9:30-12:00 EST. This team has achieved AOTC since Jailer, including currently in 10.1. This team is 9/9H, 3/9 M and just started progression. We are starting to progress loosely into mythic, and plan on getting as far as we can. We’re not aiming for CE; however, we’re continuously trying to get better at what we do, be it healing, damage, not standing in swirly stuff, etc.

Social Aspects: Continuing the theme of always trying to get better and enjoying content together, we have a blast running keys. Anywhere from 10’s-20’s most of us are willing to run it when we are available and not suffering through the grind of adult responsibilities. We have a very active discord, and a tight knit community. Many of us also play other games together.

f you’re interested please reach out on Discord to Dcyfr.

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Illidan. Recruiting raiders for mythic progression for current tier and future tiers. We are an AoTC/Mythic prog focused guild formed from 9/9H 3/9M Abberus raiders. We as a core moved from Thrall as our guild broke up and came to Illidan to form a team/community to continue to push mythic progression and continue into future tiers as a Mythic Progression team. We also recruit casuals and M+ players as we push high M+ keys as well.
-Ranged DPS : Warlock/Mage/Spriest/Augmentation
-Melee DPS: Enhance/Unholy/DH
-Healer: Hpal/Rsham
Raid Days/Times:
Tues/Wed 10pm-1am Est.
-Able to make both days/times consistently. Obviously everyone has a life but as a raid team we expect our raiders to just give officers a heads up if you are going to miss a raid day or 2.
-Minimum exp/ilvl: 9/9H Abberus - 435 Ilvl
You can add me on real ID and we can chat further- Zerorez#11983

Hi Grimgriever,

Given your experience and raid priorities I think we’d be a great fit for you! I’m from a new mythic raiding guild 3/9M on Area-52. We’re looking for players with prior mythic experience who want to raid a 6 hour schedule while utilizing some of the best-practices you see in more serious environments. We’re a group of raiders with various mythic experience, including CEs.

Application: https://forms.gle/ESQXrPm6fsNKvfDx7

We raid 8:30-11:30pm ET Wednesday/Thursday and take advantage of our limited hours by coming to raid well prepared and highly organized. As an example, we watch PTR footage and take a look at logs to create our strats and healing CDs that we’ll use during week 1. We also regularly analyze our play and come to raid with modified strategies to ensure our success.

Our primary organizational focus is progressing through mythic raid content in a constructive and productive raid environment. We’re willing to make short term sacrifices like investing in a player who shows potential and needs some gear and some practice or removing a player who might be highly skilled individually but isn’t on board with playing as a team and keeping the raid culture constructive.

We’re also an active M+ community that has a number of players in the 2.5k-3k io bracket. We are looking for more players to fill out groups for weekly keys.

If those practices and values speak to you, have a look at our recruitment post and drop us an application if you like what you see.

Recruitment post: [Area-52] <Terra> 3/9M LF Mythic-Minded Raiders (Former CE Experience)

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Hey man shoot me a Dm on disc - bdub93 Lets chat my guilds recruiting dps for our raid team currently 2/9 M ATSC, your class is in high priority atm actually look forward to hearing from you!