440 MW M☼NK 3/8m Experience LF GUILD (A/H)

Experience up to 3/8m
338-442 ilvl 65neck
Have a ww OS but would like to main heals.
No interest in classic at all, prefer a active guild that likes to hang out on discord. Not just show up for raid night.
Can raid Mon-Thur 830-1230 EST. No exceptions.
Currently Alliance but willing to faction change.
Just your average dude looking for cool peeps to raid with.

Interested leave info I will contact you. Give you logs and whatever you need. Thanks

Hey! We might be just what you’re looking for

Beach Justice
Server : Andorhal/Scilla/Ursin/Zuluhed
Faction : Alliance

Current Progression : TEP: 3/8M; BoD 5/9M; LFM to push Mythic prog
Raid Schedule : Tuesday/Thursday 9:00p-12:00 EST
Monday (9:00p-12:00 EST) – Alt Run
Sunday (9:00p-12:00 EST) –RBGS Team/Arenas
Mythic+ Guild Groups run throughout the week

Why the Beach?
First and foremost, we’re not just a guild, we’re family. We’re a current content progression raiding guild focused primarily on clearing content (while having fun) and furthering our progression into Mythic TEP. We consider ourselves serious/casual as we’re a guild of friends/raiders who have come to terms with the fact that we actually have lives outside the game but an addiction to slaying pixels.

What we’re looking for:
Needs: Demon Hunter (dps - High Priority), Mage, Rogue, Druid (dps), Priest (dps), Warrior, Death Knight (dps), Shaman (dps); will consider all competent/mature players
Requirements: Voice Chat: Discord; Addons: DBM, Angry Assignments

If interested contact: Syngent#1846 or Footos#1997

Hey there we are 4/8M EP horde. TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern. Active guild w/ calendar to keep everyone busy.

THUR alt/heroic
SAT usually alternate game night

Contests, MDIs, streaming sponsorship etc!
Lets chat more to see if you might be a good fit :smiley:


Check this out.

Hello! I think you d be a perfect fit for our guild- Tempest on Proudmoore (A). We are in need of a MW Monk for our raid team. Info: 5/8M EP (prior CEs) with solid attempts on Queen’s Court, raid Tuesday-Thursday 10pm-1am EST. Tempest has been together since 2007, so we can provide you with stability and a relaxed non-toxic atmosphere. Alt (optional) raids and M+ outside of raid times. Hope to hear from you! :slight_smile:

The goal is to get CE every tier.

Current Prog: 4/8M EP 8/8H EP 9/9N
(Ashvane pre-nerf)

Raid Schedule:
Main Raids Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:30pm-9:30pm PST (9:30pm-12:30am EST)
Loot Council for trade-able items:
Loot awarded based on performance, attendance, and who will benefit the most. We use RCLootCouncil for loot trading.
Guild provides feasts, cauldrons, and vantus for raids.
-PvP focused players welcome
-Mythic Plus focused players welcome (encouraged)
-Competitive raid environment
What we expect:
-Be willing to take criticism, but not being toxic
-Players that prioritize mechanics
-Not looking for people that only log on for raid
-Come prepared to raid with pots, runes, and having done your M+ for the week
-Players who understand that composition matters, and sometimes people will be asked to sit either for comp or gearing reasons

What we offer: Experienced Raiders that have achieved CE and have been raiding at a high level for a long time. Guild that actively runs Mythic plus outside of raids.

Optional: Alt/Friends and Family raid on the weekend with a focus on AoTC

Recruiting: Talented applicants always encouraged to contact us

Even if your class or spec is not listed, we encourage you to contact us anyway. More detailed list on wowprogress.

Add me if you want to chat:
Recruitment: Zander#1312 on Bnet or Zander#8517 on Discord
GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord

Guild: fat boys
Server: Mal’Ganis
Faction: Horde
Days: T/W/Th 9pm-12am EST (6pm-9pm PST)
Heroic/Sale runs on Friday
Currently 5/8M TEP
Our Needs: Ranged dps + A Monk, paladin, or priest healer

Contact Info: Gengar#11754

8/8M uldir - 9/9M BoD - 5/8M EP - Hey! Sirius- Aegwynn is recruiting healers and dps for our core raid group. We raid 8-11pm CST on Thursday and Sunday! PST or message me on disc! Panduh#3530 on disc

Hey Atwin,

I’m looking to add a healer to our raid team, and your MW would fit. I would need you to DPS on Ashvane since we three-heal it, though. This would be for a spot starting right away and going into the future. If you’re looking for a long-term home and stable place to raid, give us a look.

My name is Wretchedmist and I’m the GM of Obsidian Spur on the Thrall realm. We’re a 2004 Horde launch guild originally from Sargeras. I’ve been the GM since TBC. Most recent progression is 4/8M Palace, 8/9M BoD, 2/2H Crucible, and 6/8M Uldir. We’re currently working on mythic Orogozoa.

Add me on bnet @ Wretchedmist#1868 and on Discord @ Wretchedmist#7609, and then send me a tell. I’d like to hop into Discord and have a conversation right away. You can look up a guild write-up of us on wowprogress. Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 - 11:30 PM eastern. These days fit your stated time, although our start time is 30 minutes earlier than what you stated. Hopefully this works. We also do flex/heroic raids on Sunday nights starting at the same time.

Thanks for your time,
Wretchedmist - GM of Obsidian Spur

Hi there, Pocket Rockets would love to add another MW to our raid team as our current one wants to go back to priest. We are 3/8M and progressing Ashvane.

Pockets Rockets [A] is currently recruiting skilled and/or exceptional raiders to fill our ranks for Heroic/Mythic raiding in BFA . We’re a casual-hardcore raiding guild on the Cenarius (PVE) server, with a focus on raiding reasonable times and days, while maximizing progress and giving it our best within those times. Currently 3/8M for The Eternal Palace , previously 5/9M, 2/2H for Battle of Dazar’alor / Crucible of Storms ; 3/8M, 8/8H for Uldir .

Raiding Days: Wednesday/Thursday , 6:00-9:00pm server time (PST) (9:00-12:00pm EST) . Slight variability/flexibility to accommodate guildies, issues, RL, etc… Raid attendance expectancy policy, please apply with the intent to raid both days, for the whole duration. Optional raid days will occasionally take place on Tuesdays for extra gear, AP, etc.

NOTE : When in full swing for Mythic raiding and progression, you will be trialed with the core, existing raid group for a raiding day or two to help dictate your capabilities and progress, in order to assess your application and determine acceptance into the guild. If you are applying from another server, we will invite you cross-realm for this process into whatever Normal/Heroic/ raid runs we will be doing at said time. If you are then notified that you are accepted, and if you agree/are able to transfer realms onto Cenarius (if off-realm), you will be guaranteed a spot in the guild, raiding or otherwise, out of respect for your commitment to doing so, and in the event that you may cease raiding at some point in the future.

Classes/specs we are currently looking to recruit, with level of demand:
MONK : Mistweaver(High), Windwalker(High)
PRIEST : Shadow (High)
Melee DPS with off-tank capabilities (High)

We will always consider any class or spec if you are an exceptional player striving to excel, so please feel free to apply if you feel you fit that criteria, irrespective of class!

Please contact Zanthor at Zanthor#1398 , Deucalion at Kazenokizzu#1983 , or any officer in-game for consideration. Thanks!