437 Prot Palidan AOTC


I’m looking for an alliance guild pushing mythic raiding content, Very competitive individual that will make great strides to push the guild forward in progression. Willing to server transfer of course :wink:
Battle tag: Nightside11170
Discord: Nightside5105

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Still looking!

Hey there, please get in touch with me if we sound like the right fit

TLDR Version :slight_smile:

Guild - [A] But My Parse
Server - US-Proudmoore, Pacific Time Zone
Times - Tues/Thurs/Sunday (Optional) 6pm-9pm PST
Progression- 7/9 M BoD 8/8 H TEP 3/8 M TEP

More info-A <But My Parse> 3/8 M TEP US Proudmoore LF Melee/Range dps/Tank

Contact info-
Philmckraken (Recruitment officer)- Hiddentroll#13894 (Bnet)/ Phil_mckraken#2018 (Discord)

Kyzzi (Raid Lead)- Kyzzi#11594 (Bnet)/ Kyzzi#2547 (Discord)

Gigi (Guild Master)- Gigi#1566 (Bnet)/ Gigi#4411 (Discord)

Hello! We are looking for a Prot Paladin with a viable DPS offspec! If you fit the bill, we would be ready to pull you immediately to help us with our progression. Please check us out. I am trying to add you on bnet and discord. I gave you our tags and a link to our post to learn a little about our guild that is 12 years old.

Please add me or anyone below to talk about it :slight_smile:
Cero Discord: Cero#2814
Kezell Discord: Kezell#7053 Btag: Kezell#11575
Nivels Discord: Nivels#5892

Narumata: Narumata#1658
Reverie: Polaris#1778