437 Guardian/Balance Druid LF Guild

I have been primarily focusing on M+ this expansion, but getting very tired of pugging. I might be open to raiding, but ideally I’d like to join a guild where players are actively doing mythic+ dungeons. Thanks. :+1:

Phury is 6/8h and 8/8n we raid tues/weds 10-1 and thursday 11-1 on most raid nights we do several mythic plus’s after each raid night we also do them on weekends and Thursdays is a fun get wasted and drunk normal clear - would love to have u come be boomie and rape some dps :slight_smile: if ur interested hit me up tang#1917

Hi there Gnarlen…sooooo…thought I’d respond. We are a guild that people are quite actively running keys, our only problem is…we only have one tank for running keys.

Now, we aren’t a huge guild, and things are a little quiet here during this expansion. But I know that you’d be able to find people to run keys with.

If you would ever decide you wanted to raid, we’ve always got room for dps.

Here is our guild spam if you want to look it over: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Best of luck!

add me and lets talk