434 Havoc DH looking for Guild


434 Dh LF mythic guild was a heals main currently 3/8m on my healer looking to swap to dps. HOA lvl 60 with BIS traits ready to roll. Btag DEAN#1657 disc PAPAFLOP#1318 willing to server xfer or faction change hit me up.


Hey. I am From <Flex Progression> Tichondrius Horde. We are currently 3/8M in EP with Ashvane going down next week. We just lost our DH and we are currently Recruiting a new one for a Core spot. We raid T-W-TH 8-11pm EST.Feel Free to contact me with any Questions Brim#1101 Btag

(Tiggerkt) #3

LATE NIGHT [H-Mal’Ganis][9/9M CE][8/8 H][3/8 M] is in need of Warlock/DH/Ele DPS but ALL other BIG skilled pumpers are considered for ALL roles. Times: T/W/TH 11PM-1:30AM CST!! Please fill out our application if you’re interested. Please don’t hesitate, send in an APP. Don’t be scared, we don’t bite that much!


60 Neck required for Mythic raiding as of 8/6.