433 Rogue 3/8m LF 2 night Mythic Raiding

Hi Othehumanity,

We are a 2 day raid team founded by prior cutting edge raiders of various experience. Our goal is to achieve cutting edge every tier and have a good time doing it.

We are searching for talented raiders that want to be a part of the team and work hard to sculpt the guild into a strong raiding environment. We are active in m+ and have a heavy focus on having a non toxic, low stress, raid environment.

Recruitment needs ATM

1 Healer (Disc, R-Druid, Pallie, MW)
1 DPS/Tank 3rd tank role.
1 Rogue

After that feel free to app.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday : 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST
Thursday : 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST

We have optional raid nights on Saturday evenings at the same times.

Find our App on wowprogress. com/guild/us/thrall/Hysteria
We usually respond to apps within a few days.

Btag Syfy#1592
GM btag is Aerivore#1581 - Discord Aerivore#7148
Discord Tanner#4093

Hey Othehumanity!

Based on your post, I think my guild might be a great fit for you. We’re a cutting-edge focused guild that enjoys raiding together and we’re often active both in/out of game and on discord.

Our goal is to find and secure exceptional raiders who are looking for a permanent home!

*We are an Alliance guild (Liberation) on Sargeras.
*Raid times: Tues/Thurs 8-11 pm CST and Monday 8-10 pm CST.
*Current Progression: 8/8H, 3/8M and 9/9M in BoD for Cutting Edge.

HMU on btag if you’d like to chat! Lgeme84#1466 (or discord: Andora#7035)