430 (A) Ele Shaman LF Family Friendly PST Guild


As much as I love my current guild unfortunately the raid times don’t work for me.

I am available to raid 7:30pst/10:30est or later. Don’t mind which faction. However, I want to be part of a guild that is social, active, and not just logging on when its raid time. Active Discord is a must.

Bnet: Deadeagle#1370

(Yrreg) #2

Hello :slight_smile:

Heartbreakers on Kel’Thuzad is recruiting! If you’re looking for a balance between content progression and a fun guild Heartbreakers is the guild for you.

We’re a casual Heroic Raiding guild and our goal for every raid tier is to reach AOTC and some Mythic boss progression while maintaining a positive, fun, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Our raid team progression and raid days/times are as follows:

7/8H (Tuesday/Thurs 9pm to 12am EST)

What we are looking for:

Everything. Our primary focus is PvE. We have almost nightly key runs and six hours of raids a week. We are especially interested in a quality healer to step into a role as our healing captain.

Outstanding players are welcome. Mediocre players are welcome. Terrible players are also welcome. We want people who understand this is a video game and want to have a good time. We’re willing to coach under performing players and gear up fresh toons.

Transfer assistance may be available for well qualified players.

BTAG aminshall12#1819 yrreg4791#1858

We hope to hear from you.