427 Ret Pally LF CE/AoTC guild

Looking for an active guild to clear heroic with , push 20+ keys and make mythic prog. I have pretty flexible hours would prefer a 2/3 day a week guild. Have been mythic raiding since legion.
Btag - Itshawthorne#1265

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Sorry had to switch to paladin on mobile , look forward to chatting !

Would love to see your prior logs and discuss your goals this tier as well as the future.
Tues/Wed 830-1130 eastern
6/8M last tier in 7 weeks.
7/9H this tier, AoTC likely this week.
CE is the goal this tier.

Mortiia6352 on disc

Yo! We are currently looking for a melee DPS. Check us out!

([H][Illidan] <Legal Risk Management> 9/9N 1/9H Recruiting for 10.1>

Discord contacts:

i added you

Naughtytime here! Back with more Raid recruiting for my guild :slight_smile: OPEN to horde or alliance players with cross faction coming out soon (:
IMPORTANT - Abberus- 8/9 heroic. 9/9 normal. Sun 40% pull first boss mythic.

I am the GM/ RL of The Alliance guild, Exclusive Outcasts (EO) on Kel’thuzad. We are an AOTC/ mythic prog guild! This guild is over 5 years old. We earn AOTC every patch, and normally had casual mythic prog. For dragon flight we have made the move to push farther into mythic. As I mentioned above, dathea is almost dead!!

We raid Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 AM (6:30-10 server)

We are sitting around 20-22 people but spots are always competitive and we are always looking to sub in certain players/classes for fights!

As we all know I will have to cut the team down to 20 overall for mythic. Which means I will need fillers and bench roles. Ready to go as soon as the discord ping is sent! We have certain rules all raiders are expected to follow. (We can chat about this over DM.) I’d rather have a lot of people raiding and a fun guild atmosphere then worry about the roster bug killing prog. Rosters are never set in stone are are talked about and reviewed weekly. The potential to bring in a certain class for a fight or someone to fill for someone having an off night is huge for progression. I always tell my raiders to not be discouraged if you do not make the top 20. Use it as motivation. Master your class, own it. Mythic raiding is a lot more than just 20 people. It’s a whole guild effort.

Tanks - Two main tanks are set. Off tanks for mythic plus.

Healers - very competitive. Will never tell someone no. This spot will be earned. Potentially our strongest part of the team.

Dps - not going to be picky. DK, Monk, Pally. Anyone can come as long as you can pump, stay alive, and do mechanics.

We run keys nightly all week long, all you gotta do is ask for help! we have had multiple people achieve KSM and push into higher keys(20+). Mount runs and achievement runs are planned and completed when brought up! We are in discord nightly having a good time! :sunglasses::sunglasses: Excited for you to join us!

Contact me at my battle net/Discord or just comment on the post :slight_smile:

Ty - Naughty#3575