427 Druid LF Weekend Guild


Hey all!

Looking for a EST (or decent times regardless) weekend guild. Hoping to find a AOTC guild that pushes mythic as well. Prefer Balance, but also don’t mind healing raid environments.

Have cleared most AOTC content in between breaks and have dabbled in mythics. Absolutely not looking for a carry. I don’t mind catching up on my own. Just looking for a home for the foreseeable future. Prefer horde, but also don’t mind alliance.

I absolutely love M+ and will always be willing to heal higher keys if your guild is looking for that as well.

BTag is Mild#1312
Raiderio is https: //raider. io/characters/us/ zuljin/Mildsteak

Thank you all for taking the time to read!


I sent you a friend request, my guild is looking for a boomkin for our Weekend raiding team. Look out from an add from Snarfing!