425 Resto/423 ele shaman lf guild

Vanilla vet looking for a weekend (sat/sun) N/H raiding and mythic+ guild.

Hi I would be interested in talkin to ya. My guild raids Sat 8pm-12am one day a week, Clearing Normal an heroic an possibly looking into some mythic as well once we have a few more people.

Look forward to talking to you.

LF Both ele and resto

Howdy Fruitbowl!

Would Fri/Sat raiding work for you? Revered with Death is pushing our way into H EP tonight, we are a bit more of a casual raiding guild, we run keys through out the week.

We are located on Thrall, which and EST server, but ironically most of our players are PST based, so most of the activity happens around PST time…

Here’s my guild spam if you want to look it over: [H] <Revered with Death> (Thrall) What's your end game?

We would love to see an Ele Shammy on board!

Hope to hear from you!



We’d love to have you! Check us out and add me on battlenet or discord if you want to chat!