422 shadow priest

Im 422 8/8H shadow priest looking for a raiding guild for Tues/Thur 7-11est if you want to know more hit me up battletag is Royal#1730


My guild F A T E D proudmoore-Alliance [8/8H] is looking for more players to join our core mythic progression team would love to chat with you. We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11est! My discord info is Krampus#3330

Raid Days/Times: Tues-Thurs 9:00pm-11:30 EST
Current Raid Progression: 7/8H EP, 7/8N EP, 2/2 H CoS, 4/9 M BoD

Contact Info:


Warrior - HIGH
Shadow Priest - HIGH
Mage - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH
Shaman HIGH

We currently have do not have any healer or tank spots open.

If you class is not listed above, you can still contact me to discuss options.

Been around a long time, most of us hang out in discord all night BS’ing about whatever. We are an adult guild we understand real life comes before WoW. You wanna have a good time? Never have to look for another guild? Then Breathe is where you need to be.

—This is for a core spot, we are planing on pushing to mythic once we have heroic on farm.----

There will be a 2 week trial period at that point one of the officers or the RL will go over your spot on the raid team.

We run M+ on a daily basis there is no reason why you wouldn’t get a 10 or more done every week.

The atmosphere of our guild is casual and drama-free. We stick to a casual raid schedule of two nights a week. We hardly ever raid outside of he scheduled times. We expect people arrive ready to raid. Repairs and flasks are provided by the guild bank, but you should arrive with any other consumables appropriate to your class and role.

Your friendly Monk friend.

If you will be online tonight i will hit you up once i get off work

Added you by tag is diddy177#1798

Hey Kegs,

We’re looking for a shadow priest to add to our roster. I’ll leave my spam below. add me and lets chat before raid tonight. Maybe we can trial you for our heroic clear.

Located on Area-52 a highly populated Horde server, Moted(8/8H) is an AotC/early mythic focused guild that enjoys raiding in a lighter atmosphere. We run m+10’s and higher weekly for the entire guild. We offer cauldrons and feasts, as well as guild repairs for raiders. We have many former top end CE raiders who aren’t interested in playing the game like that anymore. We just destroy heroic, dabble in mythic, get our 10’s and higher in but most of all, HAVE FUN! We’re a community that has been together for a very long time, we enjoy our game time, it’s not stressful or a shout-fest! it’s a joke/booze/laughter/loot filled 3 hours!

We raid Tue & Thu from 8p-11p EST with an optional ‘fun-run’ on Monday.

EP AotC - week 5
Uldir AotC - week 3(2/8M)
BoD AotC - week 5(1/9M)
CoS AotC - week 1(no mythic for our sanity)

Discord(preferred): Jaystir#1204
Bnet: Jaystir#1960

Hey man I went ahead and sent you a friend request. We are in the process of replacing some of our underperforming core and I think you would be a great addition! I’d be happy to talk to you more about the guild and answer any questions or concerns you have. We do raid at 10-1am EST, so hopefully you may be able to still raid with us if that’s not too much of a problem :slight_smile: