418 DH LF CE Weekday Team


Hey all, I am currently progressing on M Jaina, with a 8 percent wipe and some 300 pulls or so on the crazy lady. Due to scheduling changes, I can no longer raid with my current guild on the weekends and I am looking for a Mon-Thurs team. I am mainly looking to join similar progression or 9/9m. I am an avid mythic plus runner as well, with a current rio of 1893 and looking to go higher. I am open to horde and alliance but would prefer horde. My availability is Mon-Thurs 730pm EST to 12 pm EST. I have a long history of CE and raiding at the top end and I would like to continue doing so. Logs are available upon request but you can also look up Hânkhillidan on Hyjal. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Discord: Hankhillidan#7489
Bnet: hankhillidan#1358


Bumperoni. Come let me memebeam


Hi there Hankhillidan

To Be Determined is a Horde Guild on Mal’Ganis who are currently 8/9M in BoD. 2/2H CoS

Our current recruitment needs are:

  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Holy Paladin
  • Exceptional Ranged/Melee

But all stellar players of any role/class please feel free to apply.

Progression Raid times: (CST)
Tues: 730pm-1030pm
Wed: 730pm-1030pm (Optional night, generally Heroic clear)
Thurs: 730pm-1030pm

About TBD:

TBD is comprised of a group of people who aim to have realistic progression, in an enjoyable environment, over a 6hr raid week. In order to do this we strive to raid with focused adults who are analyzing their own logs and looking to have an impact within the raid by being skilled and motivated. We aim to have clearly communicated goals and leadership who make decisions that are both pragmatic and transparent.

Previously known as “Hall of Fame” on Mal’Ganis. (8/8M Uldir CE)

Apply if:

  • You want focused progression within a casual 6hr setting.
  • You enjoy working on yourself outside of raids.
  • You are fully engaged for the 6hrs that we are raiding.
  • You understand that mechanical skill outweighs dps/hps output (within reason).
  • You are tired of raging/toxic leadership.
  • You are searching for a sense of community.

Application/Trialing Process:

While we have a bench, we aren’t trying to recruit FOR bench. We fully expect that those people we’ve brought in to trial have the capacity to be core raiders and in for progression fights. During your trial you will have a clear understanding of how it’s perceived that you’re doing and what your next steps/fights will be. Patience is key as the process itself can take up to a tier depending on the raid’s needs or overall fit. Please reach out to one of the officers within the guild or btag add one of the below to start the process.

Contact:(try in order)

Giac: Cinema#1246
Zappiiboii: Alejandro#1223
Upsy: Clownfish#1350
Aimx: Jakeobese#1721