417 Mage 3/9M Experience LF Mythic guild


Hey, Nalene!

You sound like you’d be a great fit for my guild. I’m recruiting for Koalaty Time, a Horde-based guild on Mal’ganis. We’re currently 3/9M and nearly have Opulence down on mythic. As a guild, we are AOTC-every-tier oriented along with some mythic following. We take pride in our positive, friendly guild culture and laid-back raid environment. We raid Wed/Fri 8-1030 EST, so if you didn’t mind Fridays, I think we could be a great match for you! We have a high priority need for a mage and would love to give you a trial. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to me on bnet:


Best of luck in your guild search and I hope to hear from you!