416 frost mage lf aotc raiding

Looking for aotc progression. Would like to be on a weekly mythic+ 10 clear dungeon team.

Hey Crookedman,

Join our Raid Community and give us a shot: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/K9pwB3DIevp?region=US&faction=Horde

Tribe Gaming is a cross-game community that is working to add to our Raid team.

We raid from 8:30pm to 11:0pm EST, Tue-Wed-Thu.

We are recruiting new, returning, and Veteran players alike. Our members range from casual to semi-hardcore with everyone focused on mastering their spec and being prepared for raids. We like to get a weekly mythic 10 in.

We mostly hang out in Discord and strongly recommend members do the same while gaming. Though this is not required, it better supports a social community.

When we’re not in WoW, we play many other games together when the fancy strikes us (Stellaris, Vermintide II, MHW, Deep Rock Galactic, D&D, etc).

Message Sedanis#1483 for more info.

Hey there!! I’m Aestyria with Warlords of Draino on Thrall (Horde)

We are looking for more for our group two roster raid group. The group is for casual raiders and If you just don’t want to put the time into mythic raiding and just want to log on 5 hours a week and raid with a chill group to have FUN (it’s a game), then our group may be for you. Our group has achieved AoTC each tier and members of our group who later wish to upgrade to the Group One raiding team are welcome to apply to that group, and the times do not overlap. We do keys, PvP, and even sometimes do older content for achievements, transmog, etc. Also, it is a pretty large guild and there are usually many other good players online to do something with.

This is a good group for someone who just came back to the game and is looking to get back into raiding but doesn’t want to feel overwhelmed or pressured.

Raid time: Sunday and Monday from 8pm-10pm (Eastern, server time)
Invites at 7:30, must be in raid by 7:45. Cauldrons and feasts are provided.

Looking for:

DPS with tank/heal off spec

We do screen applicants and you are welcome to trial with us (at raid time) before making any decisions. To be accepted, there are a few requirements:

You must be able to listen and talk in discord
You are willing to use addons - DBM/bigwigs, Weak Auras
You should be able to attend 90% of raids. With that being said we understand that real life happens and you will not be penalized for missing as long as we get a heads up
You have a good attitude and can tolerate progression wiping etc
400 item level

How to contact one of us:

Aestyria#3508 (Discord) or Aeoweyth#1961 (BNet)
Grimmmmm#4298 (Discord) or Grim#1195 (BNet)

Happy Hunting!

Hey Crook, we currently have no mages and would love to have you trial with us. Breathe-thrall.

phury is 3/8h and 8/8n we have tons of mythic plus going each night we raid tues/weds 10-1 est - would love to speak to u about trialing / joining with us hit me up tang#1917

Hey Crooked, Unsalted is an AOTC-focused guild that raids Fri/Sat 8:30-11:30PM. We push keys regularly and make sure all of our core team raiders get their weekly +10, if not more. Message me on Discord @mwright01#8420 to talk more.

Hey there, reach out to me if youre interested! currently recruiting a mage

Guild & Server: < Duplicitys Reach > Horde -Thrall
Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday9pm-12am server time/ET
Current Progression: 9/9 and 2/2 H, 2/9 M 8/8 N 5/8 H as of 7/27
Recruitment Contacts: BNET - Snarfed#1335 Discord-Snarfing#4104
Requirements: Mature attitude, good attendance, and a sense of humor.All players are welcome to trial with us and make sure its a good fit.
Needs: Accepting all roles, especially looking for DPS

DPS needs: dont need anyone specific, so as long as you put out numbers and have a good head on your shoulders please reach out, would like a mage and either a DK or paladin dps with tank offspec

I need some DPS for my raid teams, hit me up lathander#1319

If you’re still looking for a guild - check us out - we raid Monday and Wednesday from 8pm CST to 11 pm CST. We are AOTC focused, 7/8H with Queen to phase 3. We also run mythic + and are looking to delve into Classic also. If interested reach out on bnet to Moonpie#1732

Breathe needs a mage badly let me know if your interested

phury is 6/8h and 8/8n we do lots of mythic plus’s i could easily promise u ur weekly 10 - we raid tues/weds 10-1 mondays 11-1 - hit me up tang#1917