416 BrM Seeking new Family

Hi there I’m back again seeking a new guild!

I’m currently playing a BM Monk with ilvl 416, Neck lvl 55, and I am now 3/8 H EP. While I’m currently playing Alliance, I am willing to transfer and change faction should the need arise.

Tanking has been my role in WoW for nearly 12 years. From BC to current content, I’ve tanked nearly everything.

I’m available to raid most week nights from 7-9:30/10 EST. Hit me up with my Battletag: Shadowdragon#179116

I’m looking for something active, lighthearted and fun but willing to buckle down when things need to be serious

Hello, if you are interested, feel free to contact me. You can find our recruitment post in
looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, but you’re raid times are not good for me.

I am still looking for a guild.

Hi Glywiel.

We fit your description well. We are a Heroic Raiding Community. We aim for AOTC in each tier and may dip a toe in a few mythic bosses if there is time. We raid Eastern 730-1030 pm T/TH. We are currently 6/8 H. Our raid team has a good time and they know when to get serious during the pull. Our guild would love to meet you and have you test us out.

Let me btag you and we can talk more! I am at Rehna@1428!

I hope that you can find a home with us! Fun times ahead!

Hey there,

I’am CO-GM and Raid lead for the Away Team of Suramar! We are currently 8/8 Normal and 3/8 Heroic.

We are currently doing Normal Fridays for Alts/trial runs and Saturdays are our Heroic progression.

Our raid times are Fridays starting at 10pm EST and then Saturdays 9:30pm EST! Let us know if this fits your bill and we are striving to progress as hard as possible, with also looking for someone to fill a tanking role in Normal runs and a back up for heroic in the near future!