415 Rogue 7/8M, 3/9M, 2.4k Io LF CE focused guild


Good morning,

I’m Kasharan on Zul’jin. A 415-418 (depending on gear set) Outlaw Rogue. I am well versed in all 3 specs. I’ve been running one of my best friends guild all expansion long, building it from the ground up, recruiting, raid leading and after 9 months of false promises my friend never showed. So my current progression is rather casual Mythic, but for the progression I do have amongst the company of players I play with is mostly purple/orange parses with few exceptions. I want to take a step back from the responsibility of leadership and just focus on my own play.

Availability: Mon-Thurs 7pm-12am est. Fri-Sun anytime.
Transfer: Willing to transfer, prefer Horde.

Have multiple alts that I’d be willing to play for composition purposes but not main. I’d like to avoid switching from my rogue.

Progression History:
Raider io: 2,402
CoS: 2/2H
BoD: 9/9H, 3/9M (39% Opulence, 100+ pulls)
Uldir: 7/8M, 8/8H

It won’t let me link my logs for whatever reason, so as a side note on 8.1 Uldir logs, was playing from a laptop the day after back surgery so that re-clear was far from my usual performance. Mythrax logs (separate night all together) are legitimate. 8.0 logs are a better way to gauge my Uldir performance. Guild I was running with disbanded after only a few pulls on G’huun.

What to expect from me:

  • Near 100% lifetime attendance, if I raided the day after back surgery it goes to show that unless something tragic happens I’ll be there, 30-1hr early ready to go.
  • No drama, I’m very easy going and friendly. I respect others and I’m mature (26 years old). I have a lot of patience and I don’t get easily frustrated or crack under pressure.
  • Always show up with the necessary consumables, food, and optimal gear for the content we’re doing.
  • I don’t slack on optimizing my character, I sim frequently and always seeking how to improve my play. I take constructive criticism and suggestions well.
  • I fully research raid encounters, having been in a position of leadership in the last two expansions I do more than just watch the raid videos. I look into every mechanic via the wowhead guides and often write notes down to help me prepare.
  • I don’t require handholding or raid call outs to identify when mechanics are coming. I have a strong sense of raid awareness.
  • I prioritize mechanics over parsing, I’m a team player and will be the first to soak a mechanic or do an assignment if asked.
  • Active outside of raid, I run M+ almost daily, doing anything from pushing +20 keys to helping guildies just get their 10’s done. I also am active in selling key runs for gold.
  • Willing to sit for composition purposes or if I’m having a bad night for whatever reason and its effecting my performance.
  • I don’t make excuses for my performance, I am my biggest critic and harder on myself than anyone else.

What I expect from you:

  • Friendly but focused atmosphere, I’m not looking for a toxic environment. I’m cool with raunchy jokes and profanity, poking fun at one another as long as its all in good taste.
  • I want a fair trial process, I’m not looking to be recruited for the bench. Even though I’m fine with being benched for composition/performance reasons I want an opportunity to prove myself for a main roster spot.
  • Active outside of raid, don’t really want to be the only person online at any given time within reason. I like to do keys and hangout with people to get to know them.
  • Good communication from leadership.

I’m currently locked out of Mythic until May 7th. But I would like to begin chatting with those that are interested. Special consideration is given to those that don’t just copy/paste their macro and actually want to chat. I’ll be able to respond quicker via discord but my contacts are:

disc: Kasharan#5849
bnet: Kasharan#1912

Thanks for taking the time to consider me and hope to speak with you soon!

(Ellsii) #2

Hey Kash, you may be interested in one of our raid teams. Check us out below and visit our site to see our community and apply. Hope to hear from you!

Rally (Alliance)


ProgBalls Raid Team: 8/9M 9/9H; 8/8 M (Uldir)

SRD Raid Team: 3/9M 9/9H; 5/8 M (Uldir)

Tummy Sticks Raid Team: 9/9H 1/9M; 2/8M, 8/8 H (Uldir)

TAHCO Raid Team: 5/9H 9/9N (BoD)

Raid Times:

PSB: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST

SRD: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST

Tummy Sticks: Thursday 8:30pm - 1130pm EST

TAHCO: Tues 8pm-11pm EST

Wednesday: Guild wide open raids 8pm - 10:30pm EST

Fridays: Achievement runs, Jackbox Party Games, M+ races, discord event and contests

Saturday: 8:30 - 11pm EST Horde Alt/casual open raids

Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm EST Casual/Alt Optional open raids

Monday PvP (Rated BG’s 8:30 - 10:30 pm)


Dalaran - PvE (US)

About Us:

<Rally> is a guild founded upon the principle that we want to enjoy the people we are playing with. Rather than being a raiding guild that is social, we are a social guild that raids. We use very exclusive recruitment methods to ensure compatibility among members to maintain a cohesive atmosphere at all times.

Our guild is inclusive of all skill and experience levels as well as a variety of end game goals. From the new player who is still leveling to the retired hard core raider who is looking for a challenge on a more forgiving schedule. An experienced player with a buddy brand new to the game. We have an option for just about everyone. Most importantly, we are a community. We are a home. When you want a great group of people to hand with but don’t want to wear pants, RALLY is the answer!

Guild Atmosphere

We have mostly adults here, averaging about 30 in age. We’re still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There’s some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We’re a family here. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses. We are a highly active community of people. If you joined Rally, you could physically raid 5 nights a week and a lot of people do. We bring alts to other raids or even raid the same raids again despite loot lockouts because it’s just fun to hang with these people and smash !@#$ together.

We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply!

We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, alt raids, popup raids, world quest groups, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc.

Currently Recruiting:

Rally is always looking for personalities who fit into our team and are willing to wait for specific raid openings in the name of joining an amazing guild.

However, our current raid openings are as follows:

PSB: Ranged DPS (priest, mage, warlock, boomie, hunter, shaman etc), DPS with flex heals


TS: Ret Pally, Rogue, Ranged DPS, Shaman, HEALER, TANK

TAHCO: DPS (DK, Lock, Mage, Rogue, DH pref) *Any qualified applicant considered

How to Apply:


Have questions? Contact me on discord Ellsii#6645