415 Restoration Druid 6/9M 8/8M Looking for Guild


415 Restoration Druid 6/9M 8/8M looking for a raiding guild that wants to push content. I’m looking for an evening raid team that doesn’t raid past 12am EST. Also looking for a guild that runs Mythic + on a regular basis. My btag is GandalfthePo#1449 if you would like to know more. Willing to transfer as well.


GM of murlocs here - we had the displeasure of relying on this player for our recent raid nights.

Brightgrass is a no-call/no-show guild hopper (3-4 guilds in the last 60 days). Fair warning to all who potentially recruit him. I have screenshots showing his alleged commitment.

We have had trouble with attendance recently and were 1 player short after a 1% wipe night on Mythic Mekka, we relied on Brightgrass to show up, but left guild/discord 1 hour before raid without saying anything to anyone causing our raid to miss our kill.

We cancelled raid because of you, Brightgrass.


(commenting on your deleted comment)

You did the first 6 bosses on mythic with us and knew we used lootcouncil (even states it on our website murlocs.com)

With all due respect, if you think you were “harassed” from me saying “it’s okay, just remember for the next time”, then I’m slightly glad you stepped away from our trial.

You need to tell people you’re not going to retrial, we have 20 people relying on everyone to show up to kill bosses.


The I apologize for not understanding your form of loot council. I’m use to a loot council where if the gear you got wasn’t needed, we handed to loot person. I didn’t really browse your website and should have. I didn’t say that was harassment, I felt bad for keeping something that should of been traded. Even if it was alright, I felt bad for it as it was said over Discord after I kept it. Just as I felt bad for missing one week due to an issue I dont feel comfortable bringing up in this forum. Again, I dont wish any ill will or anything, I just want to move away from it. You have a great group of people already.