415 Resto Druid LF CE guild


I am looking for a CE guild that raids late night on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday or 2 of those days. My guild disband a little over 1 month ago and I took a little break from raiding. Former guild was Biggie Chief and Da Boyz on Area 52. Would prefer a top 150 US guild but options are open. Looking for a consistent place to raid and get CE every tier.

8/8M Uldir CE US 164
7/9M BoD US 130 Mekkatorque with 5 percent wipe on Blockade before guild disband

Wont let me post links I guess, so in game character name is Blazintree-Area 52 so you can look at armory and logs, or message me on battle net.

Battletag= Tmacin#1690