415 Fury LF Mythic Guild (Thrall)

Hello Azeroth, I’m Murgosh from Thrall-US, and I’m looking to raid. I haven’t actively raided since Uldir due to life reasons, but now I’m looking to break back into that scene when Ny’alotha hits live. I’ve had aspirations of being a Mythic raider for years, so if you need an extra MDPS to fill out your roster, I’d be glad to be given the chance! I’d prefer a guild on my realm, but connected realms could work too if I don’t have to transfer. PM me in-game, send mail, or just reply below, I’d love to get back into my favorite part of this game.

Hey! We’re looking for potentials to fill out our roster and build up for Ny’alotha!

Times: 8-11 PM PST (11-2AM EST) T/Thurs/Sun

I know you’re Thrall, but we’re on Hyjal and raids are cross server for now, so running wouldn’t be a problem as long as you hit up our discord server. If it’s a good fit, ideally you’d switch over, but luckily that’s not a problem just yet for trial!

Guild: Excidiorum, 4/8M EP, Horde, Hyjal

Discord: Rummie#1477, bnet: rummie#1853 – hit me up if these times sound interesting to you!