414 Blood DK. LF Mythic 2night guild


Hi everyone. I’ll keep this short as I would prefer to discord chat above all else.

I’m 414 Ilvl, and 44 Neck level. 1844 IO score as i’m typing this. I play just about every night for a couple hours at least. I’m currently sitting at 3/9 Mythic with 80+ attempts on Opulence.

I’m looking for a fun group that also is planning on getting CE, or at least as close as possible to the achievement. I’m also hoping to find a group that enjoys running M + on off nights.

  • 2 nights 8 - 11 EST (Can possibly do 30 mins + , or - if the fit seems right!)

  • M + is a big plus if your guild runs a lot of keys

  • CE or very close to it is my goal

  • Currently located on Illidan server, and would be my preference to stay.

  • Beef#12743