412 Prot, (9/11M ABT, 3/9M BoD) LF Guild (H)


Was 9/11M in ABT with multiple sub 20% pulls on argus, as well as many final phase pulls on Aggramar. Got burnt out and quit for a while, just came back a month or two ago. During ABT, I was also 256th in the world for m+, for prot paladins when I quit.

Came horde and moved to A52 to push keys and raid, Looking for a guild to push mythic with.

2night guilds are preferred.

Feloniouz#1114 - Btag

(Rebdull) #2

Hey! We are looking for a full time tank. Don’t know if our schedule is going to work but hit me up if it does!

We are Months Behind on US-Eredar Horde
7/8M Uldir
3/9M BoD
9/9H BoD
Monday-Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST

Our goal is to clear current mythic content while remaining casual and laid back. We like to joke around and foster a community. Recruiting people who are looking for a “forever home” is a top priority. The guild has been around since 2006 and we don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

Contact Info
Battletag: Rebdull#1533
Discord: Rebdull#9648

(Serenityz) #3

Hey there Feloniouz,

I was browsing the forum and think you would be a great fit for the guild Angelic Reign. Here is a little more information about my guild:

We consider all quality applicants. If you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a Discord interview or add my battle tags to discuss further.

Thanks for your time and happy hunting!


Still Looking!