4/12 Exp Hunter LF New Home

Recently took a break from WoW due to everything going on in the world.

4/12M Exp.
I had like a 1700 i.o. and that was mostly due to pugging.

Available from 5cst-10cst for raids.

btag- Ripjack#11906

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Hey there, I think our times line up pretty well if you’re open to Alliance, we would love to add a hunter to our Shadowlands roster!
We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Alliance Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 pm EST, while we may not be a hardcore CE guild we like to have a nice chill environment to raid in while getting serious for the bosses that need it.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and times/days/Alliance is all okay then please fill out a short app on our guild site which will be linked in our info, hope to hear from you!

Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Gm btag: Wandappy#1921

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Hey there! I’m gonna drop our recruitment post in the bucket; please feel free to check us out if you think the details would work out at all!

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hey guys, still looking

Ok being serious …

We run Tues/Thurs, 7:00-10:00 CST, 9/12M progression in Nya.

Feel free to add me on Discord at Shtanky#4568 … We’re looking to add a CE minded dps to our roster going into SL. 13_ year guild, stable, fun, positive raid atmosphere.


[H] - Aggramar <Voyager> would love to have you. We are a heroic raiding guild (Tues/Fri 6:30-9:30pm central) that is looking for players who want to be in a relaxed but efficient environment. We have several players (myself included) who really enjoy pushing keys; there’s usually always someone around that is down to do one.

GM contact info:
bnet Saltare#1876
discord saltare#5546

Hi Lunatickota!
Dysfunctional Misfits (Bleeding Hollow - Horde) is looking for some range dps for core spots in SL and will be aiming to raid mythics. We have fun during the week, and we have a community that plays different games. You are welcome to add me on Bnet if you think that sounds like something you’d be interested in!

Raid days are Saturday and Sunday - 6-9 Eastern.

Bnet: Blackwave#1217

Thankyou for the interest thus far. Still looking =)

Hey Lunatickota, I’ll message you on bnet!

Feel free to add me. retrowave#11236