411 Unholy DK LF Raid Team

(Deathlykaos) #1

Hello all!

My current guild has decided to take a break from raiding due to low recruits and members leaving. I am in search of a solid raid team who strives to push the best content possible while enjoying the game at the same time. A semi-hardcore raid team best suites my needs as I have been raiding mythic for a long time and want to continue to do so.
I am currently 3/9M with attempts on 2nd phase of Opulence. I aam quick to learn all new boss fights that I am put up against and I always research all new bosses when raid tiers release. I am efficient with my class and am always researching and simming myself and discussing with my class community on bettering myself as the class I play and as a player in general.
I have led raids and guilds in the past and know my capabilities as a mythic raider.
Right now I raid mornings on the Tichondrius server (PST) but I am looking to join a guild that raids more along my timezone (EST). I cannot raid passed 10pm EST (Except on my nights off, then any time is acceptable)

My availability is as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Any - 10pmEST
Wednesday and Thursday - Any time Start - Finish.
(These are my days off from work)

My main requirement is the guild I join must be at least the same progression as me. I am willing to server transfer. Horde Only

Feel free to add me on btag and message any time! I will try to reply as soon as I possibly can! I sleep during the day so my replies will mainly be late afternoon/early evening or overnight while I am awake for work. Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to speaking with you all. :grin:

Btag - IcedDarkkaos#1731