410 MW Monk LFG


Hello there,

I am looking for a casual raiding guild that raids at 9:00 P.M. or later PST. I’m looking to get more involved in raiding from Cata. A little history. I have been in many TOP US 30 guilds such as Simple Math in Mal’Ganis, Exordium/Sovereign in Eredar(now disbanded), Onslaught from Trollbane(also disbanded). I stopped raiding early in MOP and quit the game and played casually from there. Very casually…

I usually theorycraft on Icy Veins, back then it was EJ. Any way, my battle tag is Khascade#1163. Add me for more questions. Looking for a guild that is at least 9/9 H and early M progression.

Current progression:

9/9 N
6/9 H

Thank you for your consideration.