410 Destro Lock 9/9H 3/9M 4/9XP lf Mythic raiding guild


Meters Over Everything are newly formed guild looking to recruit the following classes and roles. Raid times are 8:30-1130PM EST Tueday/Friday.

DK (Any)
Healing Priest
Ret Paladin
Boomkin, Resto Druid
Shaman Dps/Resto Shaman
Monk Any

If you have strong situational awareness, know your class , and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, then we might be the place for you! Feel free to contact Dojawar (djcipher#1336), Charlie (Charlie#13641 or Discord Snap#6504).

About us:
Meters over Everything started with a group of IRL friends looking to extend our group through WoW. MOE guild members treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. Starting from the raid leader down to casual members, you can expect a respectful, fun, and collected demeanor environment at all times. If you are the type of person to link meters and rage at your team members during progression, M+, or any other then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite team member, then we want YOU. We are very lenient with attendance, if you can show up to raid great if you can’t, that’s fine. At the end of the day this is just a game and we just want to have fun. If you decide you want to raid, we expect you to come prepare with consumables, boss encounter knowledge, etc. If we feel you’re not putting in enough effort, officers, raiders, anyone will be benched. We want to have fun but at the same time keep the competitive edge with us at all times, no one will be getting carried through current progression.

Current Guild progression with new roster began 2/7/19, currently have completed 1/9M 9/9H 9/9N. We will be looking to clear this tier on heroic and aim to down some bosses in Mythic difficulty before next tier release.

During none raiding nights, we do M+ keys, islands, alt runs, our members will be more than happy to help out with gearing. We also welcome anyone who would like to join as a casual and participate in M+, islands, alt runs.

If this sounds like the type of environment you would like to be part of add us and send us a message.

Hey! Oblivion-Hyjal would love to chat w/ you sometime. Our current progression is 5/9M & 2/2H We raid Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9:30 PST (Server time). We also have a pretty active mythic+ group. If you’re interested feel free to reach out to me whenever I’m generally pretty available :stuck_out_tongue:

Pheddi#1889 (bnet)
Çlarus#7994 (discord)

Add me Tokara102#1782 I think you would be a great fit

Looks like we’re a perfect fit for you, have an immediate fill core position open. Please reach out if interested!

<Revoke> is a group of experienced competitive gaming & WoW players that are looking to push Mythic content.

Current raid times are as follows: Wed/Thurs: 8pm-11:00pm EST

This equates to 7pm-10:00pm SERVER

Currently 5/9 Mythic & 2/2 Heroic .

We only raid 6 hours a week, so we like to keep our raids as efficient as possible to allow for good progression while also making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Ended Uldir at 4/8M after transferring servers mid-tier, and we are aiming to get Cutting Edge. Looking for experienced DPS and a Healer to push through Mythic Battle for Dazar’Alor,but all exceptional players will be considered.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Tanks: Closed

DPS: Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Mage, but others will be considered

Healers: Preferably Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, or Holy Paladin, but all will be considered

If interested or want more information, please add Dimpz#11953 or KinetiKz#1587 on Bnet, or you can add dimpZ#3721 on Discord.

Vrekt of Illidan (8/9M) is looking for RDPS for Jaina. We raid 7-10CT Tues,Wed, Thur. If you are able to master mechanics while putting out solid DPS, we’re interested.

Please see our recruitment thread below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We look forward to raiding with you!

Disc: Destructive#1640
BNet: MasterSk#1789

[H] Area-52 (Team 14) T/W/TH 8-11EST 3/9M 100+ pulls on opulence. We are close to a kill. We just need a few dependable raiders such as yourself to fill out our core roster and progress towards CE in the future.

Discord - Rohn#6799 FlockOfDeagles#9717 Lacarnus#1457
B-net - Rohn#1783

Guild: S W A R M
Faction: Alliance
Realm : Stormrage - US

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 12am - 3am EST/Server Time

Uldir: AOTC, 3/8M
Battle of Dazar’alor: AOTC, 2/9M
Crucible of Storms: 1/2H
Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are progression nights, Thursday’s are optional until 8.2.


Melee DPS preferred

All DPS welcome

Description: We are looking for DPS to fill spots for our M BoD team, which will progress into the new tier. Our current goal is recruitment for mythic progression. Our plan is to reach as far into mythic as a team and have a memorable, enjoyable and SUPER, FUN, AMAZING time doing it! A few things though; we will be looking at logs, so please make sure to have your logs up to date. If you do not have logs, that’s no problem, we will still trial you. Our trial period is 2 weeks. Attendance is very important! Feel free to contact any of us if you are interested!


Hello Jawstrings!

I think you might like NICE TRY. With only one night a week of raiding we hit Uldir AOTC in seven weeks - and 2/8M three weeks after that. And now, we are at AOTC & 1/9M in Battle of Dazar-alor and 2/2H In CoS and gearing up for further Mythic progression in BoD! We are finalizing our core and have some open spots available. We will be running a balance of Heroic content and some Mythic progression until next tier drops - wherein we will focus on AOTC. If you have been away from the game and are looking to come back - or are psyched to join a guild looking to nail AOTC early each tier - with solid Mythic progression mixed in, give us a shout! But wait, there’s more! We are also very active in running high Mythic+ keys and pursuing Battlegrounds, Arena PVP, and even professions and gold-making! We are in discord throughout the week - so always something going on between our raids!

Further details:

WHEN: Main Raid: Fridays 9:00PM - 1:00AM CST; Optional Farm Raid or M+ key runs: Saturdays 9:00PM - 1:00AM CST
WHERE: Horde-US-Illidan
WHY: Because all of us are old and could only negotiate these hours with our spouses
HOW: Research, preparation and dedication


Not sure if you are still seeking a group but here is a little information on ours.

Guild - No Pressure
Server - Stormrage
Faction - Alliance
Progression - 3/9M, 9/9H BoD
Raid Times: Tues|Thurs, 7pm - 10pm EST

Our guild started Mythic and a few are just burnt out on BoD. For those wanting to continue, we are refilling the roster so these are core spots.

We are filling 2 melee DPS and 5 ranged DPS.

Please contact:
Btag - Kassle - KassiG#1130

Your times look good, and we could definitely use another warlock in Super Murder Friends (Area 52 Horde).

Please see my post for more info.

My discord is Rapid#8942

Hi there!

<Liberation> Alliance-Sargeras, is seeking exceptional players to add to our roster for BoD and beyond! We are a group of mainly working adults, many of whom have raided together in the past and want to continue to experience cutting edge content, but on a lighter schedule to best accommodate real life obligations.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8-11 p.m. CST (just 6 hours a week!)
Current Progression: 9/9N, 9/9H, 6/9M BoD

High need: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid. However, we are always seeking high caliber players and will consider any and all classes/specs!

Our Mission: We’re simply here to enjoy each-others company and have fun raiding and progressing together. If you’re looking for a guild that takes hardcore raiding to the nth degree, then we aren’t going to be a good fit. However, if you are looking for stability and a non-toxic environment we can promise you that.

Our end goal is Cutting Edge for each raid tier, and also pushing for top 20 on Sargeras.

If you’re interested in applying or have any questions, please add me to btag: Lgeme84#1466. Thanks! Happy raiding!

Hey there

We have a 4/9M horde raiding team TUE/WED 915-1215 EST. We got close on conclave this week and should die next week :smiley: We are active guild w/ heroic alt runs THUR, RBGs on FRI/SUN and we run M+ as a guild on MON (guildies run M+ all week as well) If you are interested in chatting add me