410 2/8M 5x CE BM/MM Hunter LF Raid Team

-The name is Shockitt, or Top G, whatever you want to call me. I am a 5 time CE player on a resto/Elemental shaman which I still maintain today. The swap to hunter as you see today began 3 weeks ago due to the needs of my past raid team. I enjoy it and have showed giant strides in performance over that short time and have enjoyed it. I’d be willing to play both hunter/shaman for a raid team that fits my needs in both playstyle and vibe. I value a sense of community but also a commitment to progression oriented raiding. I like to get things done with the time spent on WoW. It’s totally okay for wipes and regression to occur, that just comes with raiding. Just as long as focus gets recaptured.

-“Things I am looking for”-
-A 2-3 night raid team between the hours of 7pm-12 CST
-Some wiggle room is available
-Steady and knowledgeable Officer staff

-“Contact Info”-
-Bnet- Phenominal#1679

-Thanks for the time in reading this thus far. I appreciate your time and look forward to reaching out to you in the near future and being an asset to you and your team.

pinged you on discord :slight_smile: