409 Warrior LF Fri/Sat Heroic Raiding

2/8M 6/9 H Exp
Prefer to play Prot but can Dps.

Looking for a group that runs Friday/Saturday nights for about 3 hours a night between the times of 5-10pm PST.


We might fit the bill if you’re looking to transfer and swap to horde. Think our times and such line up. Currently not looking for a MT/OT but could use DPS. We’ve also usually got enough geared players to do M+ content if you like to tank during the week. I’ll save the spam, check out my recruitment post if you’re interested.

Hey there - if you don’t find a guild to your liking, come check out our raiding community. We were looking for weekend raids and didn’t find anything to our liking either, so we run a group on Saturday and Sunday evenings. No obligation to move, so drop in and say hi: